21 June, 2011


Noticed another one of those unusual hits in the logs just a bit ago on this post.

Notice it is out of Alexandria, Virginia and the referring URL is this and that it had been E-mailed to the viewer via belong2.com. Notice when you hit that link it shows that the mail server is also used by the BlackRock Group. You can find more information about them here.

So, it seems, pants are brown streaked and specialized PR Software is now in play.

Pay heed to your logs- they reveal quite a bit of information.



David Codrea kindly linked to this post and jon commented the following:
the log doesn't necessarily suggest anything about an email. the host/ip fields mean that that is the client machine making the request to the webserver.

now it is extremely uncommon for a mail server to up and make an HTTP request while providing a "firefox" user-agent. suspicious, yes.

it is even more uncommon for a mail server to be running windows xp. doubly suspicious, yes.
He commented further and made me realize that some may think that the TinyURL links might possibly be nefarious. The links I provided in my post are not.

Further, I posted the following at WoG's to clarify what those TinyURL's are:

The TinyURL's were created by me due to the fact that Blogger would not take the long ixquick proxy URL's. I used ixquick to find out who and what vocuspr is and that is the PRSoftware firm. Further, I used ixquick to find out what belong2 DOT com is too. From that search, I found a robotex page showing that the Black Rock Group is on the same E-mail server as belong2.

Each TinyURL is listed below:

1. ixquick proxy Vocuspr
2. Robotex direct
3. ixquick proxy Black Rock
4. ixquick secure Wiki Entry on Black Rock

Whoever it was that came from Vocuspr received an E-mail suggesting my blog entry from yesterday. Vocuspr is a software that is for automated PR and had never heard of them until I noticed that unusual entry in the visitor logs.

I am going to add this to an addendum so there is no confusion.
The reason for the TinyURL's and the ixquick proxy is to deny them where YOU are coming from, not the other way around. For those that do not know what the ixquick search engine is or what TinyURL does, go here and there respectively.

This should clarify any confusion, if not, post a comment and I will reply.



Gee SwansonRussel, nearly three hours here! And you being a PR firm too!

No, I won't post the screen grab- not today anyway, but interesting Outdoor Client list that you have, but then again you also have other areas too, right?

I wonder whose E-mails it was that brought those Federal, then Military Network Boys (DoD, Navy Network Information Center, Army AIS, and NATO saclant (amongst others) to visit me today? How about Blackwaters?

Just who was it, I wonder? And so many of you using Google Reader to proxy!

Too many of these visits today, not coming from the regulars or David's kind referral- all from either NO REFERRAL or via Google Reader screams an E-mailed link. Heck, many show that you came from E-mail so I ask, is this how you deal with postings about government crime? Seek out the citizens OPINIONS? To stop by for a simple visit during official working hours? Dig into we citizens? Yes, of course it is but I have this to say, Fuck You! I will post my thoughts and make sure, like so often before, that others have my logs.

If this posting has drawn THIS MUCH government attention, then I must be have been correct when I said: "...pants are brown streaked and specialized PR Software is now in play."

The only thing is, you did not think we would ever figure this crap out, did you?


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