30 April, 2005


APRIL 30, 1863

"The sixty men of the Danjou Captain held until the end their oath; during eleven hours, they resisted to two thousand enemies, three hundreds killed some and wounded as much."
The French have not always been cheese eating surrender monkeys...


29 April, 2005


BBC News World Edition
Cambodian Troops Quarantine Quan'sul

The culprit was discovered to be mosquitoes native to that region carrying a new strain of Malaria which thus far has a 100 percent mortality rate and kills victims in fewer than 2 days.

After death, this parasite is able to restart the heart of its victim for up to two hours after the initial demise of the person where the individual behaves in extremely violent ways from what is believed to be a combination of brain damage and a chemical released into blood during ?resurrection.?
I found this on a break from the bathroom...


25 April, 2005

Never heard of this kid before this morning.

It seems that this is kid, Gary Broslma, has already made the rounds on the web, but until this morning, I had never heard of him or the BS NYT article.

I friend sent an E-mail with this link, and I grabbed it from there, as he is correct.

You can grab the SWF Flash file from here (Right-Click, Save-As and is 2.9MB in size), open it with Internet Explorer, or some other browser where flash is installed if you do not have the stand-alone Flash player- and I dare you not to laugh.

It is not the Viking Kittens, but still a damn fine belly laugh...


22 April, 2005

San Antonio Crap Shoot

Officer on Toilet Accidentally Fires Gun
Thu Apr 21, 3:57 PM ET

SAN ANTONIO - This is one story they'll be telling around the San Antonio Police Department for a long time. An off-duty officer was at a San Antonio auto auction house yesterday when nature called, a police spokesman said.

Officer Craig Clancy strolled to the appropriate facility and was lowering his trousers when his pistol fell from his waistband. When Clancy fumbled for the falling firearm, it went off, twice.

One of the bullets nicked a bit of floor tile into the leg of a man who was washing his hands nearby. That man was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Police internal affairs is investigating.
I found this one, again from the High Road, and the title was stolen from All-Around-Shooters post in the thread- I could not argue with perfection.

So just remember, only th epolice and military should have guns...


Congress should not support SBA 'microloan' program

Congress should not support SBA 'microloan' program

"Don't people realize what they are doing when they accept unconstitutional grants, loans and money from the federal government? Since there is no money in the people's treasury, every penny unconstitutionally appropriated is added to the national debt through borrowing by Congress. That $35,000 SBA microloan has to be borrowed from the privately owned "Federal" Reserve Banking System."
Yes, and it is the major reason I never applied for one- in college or business.

Devy Kidd continues with this example:
Congressional Record, House, Sept. 29, 1941, page 7582, comments by Congressman Wright Patman regarding what he called "an idiotic system" (the Federal Reserve):

Now take the Panama Canal bonds. They amounted to a little less than $50 million ? $49.5 million. By the time they are paid, the government will have paid $75 million in interest on bonds of less than $50 million. So, the government is paying out $135 million to obtain the use of $50 million.
Everyone has to make their own decisions about what they will and will not do, but when the time comes, and people are asked, the following response, "I did not know." will not be acceptable.


The ferals always have been a paranoid bunch

April 21, 2005, 3:48PM

Mexican army's poorer weapons may have cost it Texas

Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle

The heroism of Gen. Sam Houston's soldiers at San Jacinto is the stuff of legend. And heroism certainly abounded when the Texas Army, after miles of wearying retreat, rallied 169 years ago today to decimate the overwhelmingly superior army of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, the so-called Napoleon of the West.

Historians traditionally attribute Houston's victory, which secured Texas' independence after an 18-minute battle, to timing, geography and luck. Trapped between attacking Texans and a treacherous marsh, Mexican troops ? rudely awakened from their afternoon siesta by a withering rebel fusillade ? had nowhere to go but their deaths.

Now, though, an East Texas high school history teacher, president of a group dedicated to putting copies of important state and national documents in the hands of state schoolchildren, is emphasizing an aspect of the battle that sometimes gets overlooked: technology.

Santa Anna's rout, says James Mitchell of Jasper, was, as much as anything, attributable to simply being outgunned.

Hundreds in Santa Anna's army carried surplus British East India pattern, smoothbore Brown Bess muskets. Although they fired a hefty three-quarter-inch ball, the guns were no match against the more accurate Kentucky rifles carried by many of Houston's troops.
This is why the government does not want you to have full-auto...


21 April, 2005

In no particular order

Controversial Terror Database Closing Down - Bullshit!

The Deep Hot Biosphere - Considering reading it.

Don't Say He Didn't Warn You - I remember when he left, my boss said she feared Greenspan.

Friends of Meigs Field - Go see what Daley had done in the dead of night.

Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body - Mrs. Paranoid wanted a link for the eldest daughter.

If you want a print edition of it - Self Explanatory

Langa Letter: The Pros And Cons Of Firefox - It's Langa.

'Mad Max' Fan Convoy Ends in Arrests - I love Texas!

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool - Some tools work right- others do not.

Privacy from the trenches - Another excellent article from Security Focus.

Dial 911 and Die! - Some folks need to be reminded- dial 1-911.

Mexican Foreign Secretary Visits Valley - Fuck you Derbez!

Constitution non-existent? Interesting - For your paranoid perusal.

Remember, the links took time to gather, and thanks to all who sent them in.

I hope you make use of them...


Hmm, it seems as if his name was Ceaser afterall.

We first read of St. James Davis and Moe last month, and I posted about it.

Today, we find out that:
"Authorities say the operator, Virginia Brauer, was not to blame because the animals apparently escaped on their own. Kern County officials say one of the chimps apparently figured out how to reach through a tight space between a chain link fence and a wall, pull out a steel pin and slide a door open."
Yes, I think his name was Ceaser- and it is a good thing St. James son shot that "damn dirty ape"...


19 April, 2005

April 19th

This day in American History has had many occasions to recall:
  • In 1933 - The traitor FDR announced he was further working towards destroying the economy by announcing the US will leave the Gold Standard.
  • In 1861 - Riots occurred in Baltimore, Maryland and the illegal union blockade of the Confederate states starts.
  • In 1995 - The Alfred P. Murray Feral Building, in Oklahoma City is nearly destroyed. (That took extra feral demolition teams to finish the job.)
  • In 1939 - After 148 years, Connecticut approves the Bill of Rights.
  • In 1989 - USS Iowa's gun turret explodes killing 47 crewmen.
  • In 1943 - Though, not US history, the Warsaw Ghetto uprising happens and the starving Jews kick some Nazi ass.
  • In 1993 - The might of the united States government sweeps in with the winds and ends their 51-day siege upon a Church, founded and run by it's citizens in Waco, Texas. Seventy-four (74) men, women and children died from gas, gunshot, and fire by feral agents acting in the name of "We the People." These feral agents received NO punishment for the crimes, as "We the People", though filled with righteous indignation, did nothing, even unto this day.
  • In 1775 - Feral agents of the government came to take our arms away and the "Shot heard round the World" was answered by many great men. One in particular needs mentioning, as I am sure if he had been alive in 1993, he would have done the same thing.
His name was Sam Whittemore and:
"There, before the eyes of his astonished family, Sam methodically loaded his musket and both of his famed dueling pistols, put his powder and ball inside his worn and well-traveled military knapsack, strapped his French saber around his waist, squared his grizzled jaw and, as he strode briskly out the door, simply informed his worried family that he was "going to fight the British regulars" and told them to remain safely indoors until he returned.

Whittemore walked to a secluded position behind a stone wall on Mystic Street, near the corner of what is now Chestnut Street in Arlington, and calmly settled in. Some of the Minutemen pleaded with Whittemore to join them in their safer positions, but he ignored their admonitions. Soon the 47th Regiment of Foot, followed by the main body of British troops, appeared in view. On both sides of Whittemore, Minutemen were shooting at the approaching Redcoats and then sprinting away to where they could reload in safety.

Waiting until the regiment was almost upon him, Whittemore stood up, aimed his musket carefully and fired, killing a British soldier. He then fired both dueling pistols, hitting both of his targets, killing one man outright and mortally wounding another. Not having time to reload his cumbersome weapons, he grabbed his French saber and flailed away at the cursing, enraged Redcoats who now surrounded him. Some of those infuriated soldiers were probably less than one quarter of Sam's 80 years; few, if any, were even half his age.

One Englishman fired his Brown Bess almost point-blank into Whittemore's face, the heavy bullet tearing half his cheek away and knocking him flat on his back. Undaunted, Whittemore attempted to rise and continue the fight, but received no less than 13 bayonet wounds from the vengeful Redcoats. They also mercilessly clubbed his bleeding head and drove their musket butts into his body as they ran by.

When the last Britisher had left the scene and was far enough away for them to come out in safety, the villagers who had seen Whittemore's last stand walked slowly toward the body. To their astonishment, he was still alive and conscious--and still full of fight! Ignoring his wounds, he was feebly trying to load his musket for a parting shot at the retreating regiment.

A door was used as a makeshift stretcher and Whittemore was carried to the nearby Cooper Tavern. Doctor Nathaniel Tufts of Medford stripped away Sam's torn, bloody clothing and was aghast at his many gaping bayonet wounds, the other numerous bruises and lacerations, and his horrible facial injury. According to every medical text Tufts had ever studied and all of his years of experience treating injured people, the old man should have bled to death from internal injuries."
That old glorious bastard did not die though, he lived another eighteen (18) years and when asked if he ever regretted his actions, Sam replied:
"No! I would take the same chance again!"
I wonder how many Sam Whittemore's there are today, because there were none left in the united States in 1993...


18 April, 2005

I really have to quesiton the timing

Secret FBI Report Highlights Domestic Terror
Experts Warn of Future Timothy McVeighs

NEW YORK, April 18, 2005 -- A secret FBI report, obtained by ABC News, identifies 22 domestic terror organizations as the current subjects of 338 active FBI field investigations.

The Aryan Nations, and other white supremacist groups, are cited in the report for hate crimes, fire bombings, threats via mail, as well as robberies and murders. The National Alliance, one of the largest neo-Nazi organizations in the world, is subject to 51 FBI investigations alone, according to the report.
Anyone else realize what tomorrow is?


More Zombie Killing

Divine Intervention

Enjoy it, as I face one tonight...


Today in 1861

Colonel Robert E. Lee turns down an offer to command Union armies.


17 April, 2005

Want another local number?


I have been using SkyPE and SkyPE Out since both were ßeta's, and highly suggest it...


Thought I would add another Tool Link

Check out the NPA NXX link to the right, it is under Tool Links.

It is one site that I have used for a number of years...


16 April, 2005

"Sic Semper Tyrannis"

In from Mr. Sharkey:
Mr. Sharkey forgot yesterday to remind you that while April 15th is that black day we have to pay our annual extortion money to the current band of warlords in Washington, it should be one of celebration and joy.

It was on April 15th, 1865, the hand of Justice pushed the American Lenin into Cocytus' icy grip where all traitors to country go. With the immortal battle cry of all who would strike down the tyrant, "Sic Semper Tyrannis", Abraham Lincoln was struck down.

It was the politics of Lincoln which drove this nation into it bloodiest conflict and set the foundations of the tax you were forced to pay and the other infringement and violations of the Constitution we endure daily from a central Federal Government. Of that Civil War and the politics behind it the historian Jeffrey Hummel wrote in Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men, "The Civil War represents the simultaneous culmination and repudiation of the American Revolution."

If you should suffer from a terminal case of Lincoln worship, I suggest for an antidote read, The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War by Thomas Dilorenzo. For a taste of what it contains see Walter William?s comments on it, "Delorenzo is Right About Lincoln".

In memory of this great day, I flew the Bonnie Blue flag of Secession and the South Carolina flag of Sovereignty and thought how this county might have been had not the American Lenin come to power. Remember, "Sic Semper Tyrannis" and rejoice!!
Thanks Mr. Sharkey- and it is not that I did not remember, but a very busy day and just too pissed-off at what the day symbolizes to post...


13 April, 2005

One hundered and forty-four and forty years ago respectively

Ft. Sumter, South Carolina was captured by the provisional Confederate forces. The War of Northern Aggression has started in full.

The Tyrant Licoln is shot, but as all governments do, the Tyrant Licoln's outright usruption over the soveriegn States and more importantly, the sovereign individual, continues to grow and the trampling continues unabated- for now...


12 April, 2005

Stoney's Posting Again.

About time.

Oh, and he posted about Zombie's yesterday too- must be spring...


11 April, 2005

And why can't we?

Villager keeps terrorist's body as souvenir

By Indo-Asian News Service

Jammu, April 10 (IANS) In a bizarre incident, a villager who killed a terrorist took the body home as a souvenir, police said.

Balwinder Singh, who is a member of a village defence committee, shot dead a terrorist in the Tata Pani jungles in the border district of Rajouri, about 150 km north of here, police said.

However, instead of leaving the body in the jungles, he brought it home to signify his bravery.

Singh refused to hand over the body to the army, claiming he was working with the police and would only hand over the body to a police officer.

Police in Rajouri said they will send an officer to ensure the body is buried.
Probably because it would frighten all of the Mrs. Grundy's...


Surviving Zombies

I found this thread on Zombies, actually one of many, at the High Road.

In the thread, there is a link to the Zombie Survivor Test.

I scored:
Official Survivor
Congratulations! You scored 72%!
Whether through ferocity or quickness, you made it out. You made the right choice most of the time, but you probably screwed up somewhere. Nobody's perfect, at least you're alive.
My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 99% on survivalpoints
Damn time waster...


On this day, I wish Mr. Sharkey a-

Happy Birthday.


10 April, 2005

Happy Platt & Matix Day!

Nineteen years ago today brought us this made for TV movie, the Feral Bumbling Idiots to tears and the rage of the Wonder-Nine.

More on this can be found here and there.


08 April, 2005

Carrying Concealed at the NRA 2005 Annual Meeting.

Some freinds of mine have been kicking up dirt over the fact that the NRA had sent out the following memo, back around March 15th or so, regarding the NRA 2005 Annual Meeting at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston next week:
Originally Posted by AMResponse@nrahq.org

Thank you for contacting us. I apologize for the delay replying to your E-mail.
Firearms are not allowed at the George R. Brown Convention Center, concealed or not.
The NRA tries to find locations that are firearm friendly and can handle the extremely large numbers of Members that will attend the Annual Meeting.
Unfortunately, these locations are located in major metropolitan areas and many (if not all) do not allow weapons of any kind. Sometimes it is the policy of the convention center, however in this case the City of Houston making and enforcing the rules.
Thank you very much for your support and please feel free to contact us if you ever need anything else!
Best Regards,
NRA Member Communications
The entire High Road thread can be read here, and well, this just teed-off these men, and they started to raise a ruckus.Two days ago, this was posted in the thread by Golden Saber:
"For those of you that have inquired about concealed carry at the Convention Center in Houston:
The convention center prohibits concealed carry. HOWEVER NRA has negotiated through our attorneys a provision for concealed carry in our contract. Therefore, you may carry concealed in the convention center if you are in accordance with Texas state law. Please note: the firearm MUST be completely concealed at ALL times! Our security staff is working to cover the signs that prohibit firearms in the convention center, so hopefully there will be no confusion on site."
Another friend called them yesterday and raised cain about the word negotiate because the NRA had nothing to negotiate as S.B. 501, which passed in the 2003 Texas legislative session passed and became law on September 1, 2003.

Very curious timing by the NRA if you ask me, however, still one more friend contacted the George R. Brown Convention Center yesterday regarding this:

In accordance with provisions of the Texas Concealed Handgun Law, it is the policy of the City of Houston and the Houston Police Department that handguns and other weapons are strictly prohibited in the Convention Center. Individuals who fail to comply with this prohibition, or otherwise violate penal laws with respect to carrying a handgun or other weapon, are subject to immediate arrest and prosecution under Chapter 30.05 or Chapter 46 of the Texas Penal Code or applicable City Ordinance.

This prohibition applies to all persons including concealed handgun Licensees, but does not apply to licensed police officers and/or licensed honorably discharged retired police officers.
Well, Stephen W. Lewis, Deputy Director Convention & Entertainment Facilities Department responded via E-mail with the following to my friend:
Mr. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx,

Thank you for spotting the error on our web site regarding handguns. We
modified our rules regarding handguns when the law you cite became
effective. Unfortunately, those that maintain our web site inserted the old
version of our rules and regulations. The provision which we include in our
standard rules and regulations for those using the convention center is as

Possession of firearms is forbidden in the Facility with the exception of
the following: (i) licensed peace officers and licensed honorably retired
peace officers and (ii) exhibitors and patrons during duly licensed gun
shows and (iii) individuals licensed by the State of Texas to carry
concealed handguns.

We will undertake to correct our web information ASAP. Please feel free to
contact me if you have questions.
So my Paranoids, if you go here, as of right now, this is what you will see:

So, what does all of this mean? If you have a Texas CHL or a CHL/CCW from a state that has reciprocity with Texas, you can carry at the NRA 2005 Annual Meeting.

Now, most folks that have a Texas CHL are aware of the laws, but those that need a refresher, and those from states that have reciprocity with Texas and are not familar with the laws, go here to learn.

Interestingly enough, something that most folks will overlook, is that this now puts the city of Houston in complaince with Texas state law regarding the banning of CHL in government owned facilities- I think.

So, if you are attending, and the NRA tells you that they NEGOTIATED Concealed Carry for the NRA 2005 Annual Meeting, you can say, bullshit, and should tell them that they should have said:

"Thanks to our great membership, which pointed out the NRA was wrong, we have told the city of Houston that it cannot prohibit us from allowing concealed carry because of Texas State Law."

However, the point, in my mind, is that it just takes a few good men to get something done...


Bastards! & Daylight Theft Time

US lawmakers want daylight-saving time change
07 Apr 2005 00:01:04 GMT

Source: Reuters

By Tom Doggett

WASHINGTON, April 6 (Reuters) - A House committee voted on Wednesday to expand U.S. daylight-saving time by two months to help reduce energy consumption, but rejected a plan to shave total U.S. oil demand by 1 million barrels a day.

Both proposals were offered as amendments to be tacked on to a broad energy bill that was debated by the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

The panel agreed in a voice vote to move the start of daylight-saving time in the United States -- which occurs when clocks are turned forward by one hour -- one month earlier to the first Sunday in March. The end of daylight time would be moved back one month to the last Sunday in November.
I have always, and will always hate Daylight Theft Time...


Leonard and Dorothy Saye Day

It is has been nine years today.

You can contact Patrica Saye for more details from her website.

And you folks thought Waco was the last time...



After Will's question, I did some searching for more information and found Patrica Saye's number. I called and spoke with her and then sent her the link to my post and she came by and posted the following comments in Haloscan:
My father originally attended a seminar held by the "Montana Freemen."

He was charged with "Felony Theft" - for "endorseing" a draft "signed" by 2 of the Montana Freemen, Leroy Schwitzer and Dan Peterson.

My mother died in my arms, the evening of 01/10/03, while my father was in the hospital, scheduled for surgery the following morning, after our phone had been turned off 2 days earlier, and I could not reach the doctor earlier that morning, until my brother stopped by earlier that afternoon, and left his cell phone with me.

If you have any questions, you may call me on my cell (702) 806-9066, and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, if I can.

WP, I'd like to thank you for contacting me today, and for sending my parents story out each year at this time.

May God bless you.


P.S. - I do need to update my website.
Again Patrica, thank you for making your family's story available.


07 April, 2005


Thanks to at least one in my waterbed, Mrs. Paranoid and me enjoyed camping out on our living room floor last night.

Too bad, she was not feeling like Army of Mom last night; and she thought I could not get any crankier...


Gravatar's Enabled in Haloscan

You can get your own here.


Requested posting in from T.C. Hamm

From Drudge:

MIAMI (AFP) - Florida's legislature has approved a bill that would give residents the right to open fire against anyone they perceive as a threat in public, instead of having to try to avoid a conflict as under prevailing law.

Supporters argue that criminals will think twice if they believe they are likely to be promptly shot when they assault someone.
"Why does Florida get all of the good laws first, all the time?

CHL - before Texas
Reciprocallity with more states - before Texas
No retreat in public - before Texas

We must have had the wrong landscaper. We got the wrong bush.
We should have had Jeb instead of Shrub."

T. C. Hamm

Bush envy- who'd have thunk it...


06 April, 2005


I give you, the Old Negro Space Program.

You can download it directly from here- it is the bottom choice.

No drinking or eating while viewing- you have been warned...


Pain is Temporary- Glory lasts Forever!

That is what I told my middle paranoid girl as I pulled one of her baby-teeth.

Immediately afterwards she said ow, then smiled- with a second hole in her smile, but she still smiled...


04 April, 2005

Not just no, but Hell No!

Texas State Representative Larry Phillips, has introduced HB 2893 that would put RFID tags in our vehicle state inspection stickers. I friend from Kalifornia, who has long stood, and worked for privacy rights, and goes way back in the computer industry sent the heads up to a few us here in Texas (I actually met via E-mail conversations thanks to CSMK, and though this man and I have had major differences in regards to certain opinions, I do think him an honorable). The link he sent us is the from Slashdot.

For those here in Texas, the Transportation Committee line-up can be found here- so go and call and say Hell No!

I have posted about RFID before, and the last time was back in December, and my opinion has not changed...


02 April, 2005

The Exchange Saga is Over!

So I frightened the Paranoid Children with the Paranoid Dance and then, bought them a pizza!

Here, the rest of you can go have fun.

Beat this:

Click here for larger image.


01 April, 2005

And this happens in cities all across our Republic.

From a thread at The High Road:
The Hampton City Council conducts a televised b*tch fest about Virginia's new statewide firearm preemption. The council decides that it does NOT want to repeal city gun ordinances that have been made unlawful under statewide preemption. One council member actually says "I don't think we want to follow [the] state statute." At one point the Mayor talks about the motion to repeal the city ordinances dying, and says "I'm not sure if we'll get in trouble or not" -- at this point you can hear laughter from fellow council members in the background.
Now, this thread, at The High Road, is a bitch fest about the local tyrants in Hampton, Virginia, but these crimes happen everywhere across our Republic, and people allow them to stand.
One council member of Hampton asks the City Attorney if they can be personally prosecuted if they disobey state law and keep their gun-banning ordinances on the books instead of removing them! When told, 'No, but the City could be civilly sued,' they shrugged.
So if you or I disregard the laws, do we get to shrug?

Another criminal, Randy Gilliam, a Hampton councilman, had the balls to state:
"There's not one of us who doesn't firmly believe in the Second Amendment right's to bare firearms." And then goes on to say: "But times have changed." (You will find this at the 11:37 mark of the video.)
Stoney (EDITED: not Shorty as I had first typed- thinking too fast) asked when we would be in the gravest extreme, Will said to be easy, and Kat got scared, and I say one thing you can do is start putting this stuff up (23MB in size: RIGHT CLICK, SAVE AS), on your blogs, just like the VCDL has done.

If they want a complete damned surveillance nation, I say give them one, starting with them that wrote the laws...


"Communitarianism" doctrine means people are prepared to yield rights.

Privacy 'Dark Ages' force activist rethink

By John Leyden
Published Friday 1st April 2005 14:59 GMT

Privacy activists need to change tactics to adapt to changing public attitudes, a leading campaigner said Thursday. Simon Davies, a director of Privacy International, said campaigners need to win the argument by force of evidence rather than assuming that people naturally guard their privacy against government encroachment, an assumption he said is no longer valid.

If "logic and common sense" fail to shift public policy then "well placed" technicians might be prepared to sabotage invasive projects, Davies predicted. He said government moves to systematically profile and monitor its citizens have inflamed techies - even though the public at large remain indifferent. Government surveillance efforts predate the 9/11 terrorist attacks and include many projects (such as Britain's ID card scheme) of questionable utility.

Davies used to believe the need to guard personal privacy against invasion was a self-evident truth. But public willingness to accept ubiquitous CCTV camera coverage, ID cards and similar projects show most people no longer really care about privacy, even in countries such as the Netherlands which saw mass protests against something as low key as a government census 20 years ago.
Read the rest of the article for the title quote, and of course, I am not- what about you?


RE: And people tell me I am paranoid...

A heads up to Mr. Sharkey for this as here are links to two posts by Bruce Schneier from his blog:

The first:
Some tidbits:
  • TSA plans to include the capability for criminal checks within Secure Flight (p. 12).
  • The timetable has slipped by four months (p. 17).
  • TSA might not be able to get personally identifiable passenger data in PNRs because of costs to the industry and lack of money (p.18).
  • TSA plans to have intelligence analysts staffed within TSA to identify false positives (p.33).
  • The DHS Investment Review Board has withheld approval from the "Transportation Vetting Platform" (p.39).
  • TSA doesn't know how much the program will cost (p.51).
  • Final privacy rule to be issued in April (p. 56).
And the second:
I'll say it: the TSA lied.
You can get the GAO report here, and just remember- criminal checks for secure flight...