31 December, 2005

Happy New Year!

To all of my regular, and irregular, Paranoid readers- I wish it to be a very joyous and prosperous New Year for you; nevertheless, I do ask that you remember, when that special election comes and you are voting from the rooftops, please, please vote early and often!



We can rebuild him. Better, stronger, faster!

"For now, the prototype arm fits just one man, Jesse Sullivan. This year, Sullivan demonstrated the device at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, where doctors are working to refine it. A faster, more durable commercial version should be ready by 2008, but the ultimate goal is a robotic limb that functions as well as, if not better than, its human analogue."
You know I had to play it...


30 December, 2005

And a woman's editorial that continually is so much better than the formers.

From Ilana Mercer:
The continent is the only "one where people have become poorer over the past two decades," despite billions in foreign aid. It is undeniable that no African nation has achieved a "level of prosperity significantly higher than existed under the previous, colonial regime. And political freedoms often diminished." Africa reached its zenith, sad to say, under colonialism.
So many others claim Coulter, and several others as goddesses, not me, for my money this woman has a head on her shoulders- and is not a camp skeleton...


29 December, 2005

It takes a village to raise a police snitch.

When Karenga was asked to distinguish Kawaida, the philosophy underlying Kwanzaa, from "classical Marxism," he essentially explained that under Kawaida, we also hate whites. While taking the "best of early Chinese and Cuban socialism" - which one assumes would exclude the forced abortions, imprisonment for homosexuals and forced labor - Kawaida practitioners believe one's racial identity "determines life conditions, life chances and self-understanding." There's an inclusive philosophy for you.

(Sing to "Jingle Bells")
Kwanzaa bells, dashikis sell
Whitey has to pay;
Burning, shooting, oh what fun
On this made-up holiday!

Coincidentally, the seven principles of Kwanzaa are the very same seven principles of the Symbionese Liberation Army, another charming invention of the Least-Great Generation. In 1974, Patricia Hearst, kidnap victim-cum-SLA revolutionary, posed next to the banner of her alleged captors, a seven-headed cobra. Each snake head stood for one of the SLA's revolutionary principles: Umoja, Kujichagulia, Ujima, Ujamaa, Nia, Kuumba and Imani ? the same seven "principles" of Kwanzaa.
A good editorial by her for a change...


28 December, 2005

Feeling Buggy

TOKYO - A big brown cockroach crawls across the table in the laboratory of Japan's most prestigious university. The researcher eyes it nervously, but he doesn't go for the bug spray. He grabs the remote. This is no ordinary under-the-refrigerator type bug. This roach has been surgically implanted with a micro-robotic backpack that allows researchers to control its movements. This is Robo-roach.

Unfortunately spammers are emailing the roaches when they broadcast to cell phones. "We had an incident last week where we sent a roach into an duct to test for an air leak, when we asked the roach to turn right, it responded by asking for our email addresses and offered to send us viagra in return." said Assistant Professor Isao Shimoyama, head of the bio-robot research team at Tokyo University.
Just step on the damn things...


24 December, 2005

Merry Christmas

To One and All.


23 December, 2005

klan white

You are

Found via the wonderfully Perverted Republican!


"i HEART communism"

I was at a Hastings Book store this afternoon making some Christmas purchases when, after paying, I moved to the counter, right next to the exit, in front of the popcorn machine. I set my bags down, and turned to face the people behind me still in line so that they were not at my back while I was putting my sunglasses on.

In the middle lane was a large, young male, about twenty-four, roughly 6'4" and he had to weigh about 320 pounds. He was unshaven, his hair dark, tightly curly and scraggy, but back in a long ponytail with multiple red rubber bands. His attire was just as natty- denim shorts and a T-shirt that garnered the most attention- it was a bright red, originally. Now it was faded and had some cartoon character on it, but the words said it all:

"i HEART (the stupid little symbol) communism."

I slowly looked him up and down, and as he caught me doing so- it was then that I told him out loud from ten feet away, "Really? I NEVER did!"

His mouth came open and he started to mumble something so I told him Merry Christmas, paused long enough for him to say something, and then walked out. As I was leaving I noticed he was turning a bit red himself, particularly when everyone turned to examine him.

I had said my say...


21 December, 2005

20 December, 2005

The Chappelle Conspiracy

I have never watched this show completely, and have seen maybe three sketches from it, but when this was sent to me, I had to laugh my ass off:
On Tuesday, while watching an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show, Chappelle recalled being completely stunned when Winfrey turned to the camera in the middle of interviewing Tom Cruise and said "Dave Chappelle, you should be ashamed of yourself for airing that Niggars sketch on your show this week, I'm going to make sure you never work in Hollywood again."
You have to love the Internet...


19 December, 2005

Why Santa has not been answering letters.

I knew that old FB was short-changing us, and here is the proof:


14 December, 2005

Bill of Rights Day

Today, December 15, in 1791, the united States of America adopted the Bill of Rights- that was then comprised of the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

These RIGHTS were written and ratified to confirm the fundamental rights of its citizens, and to limit the new government. However, as history has taught us, our elected officials truly do not care about their oaths of office, with one even reported to have said of the Constitution: "It's just a goddamned piece of paper!"

The united States has been often called the great experiment, and many have said that it failed. It was not designed to, but corrupted along the way by those who could not have founded it.

So, when the time comes, and voting from the rooftops is common, just remember that one of those RIGHTS was written to confirm this statement:
"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."
Those men knew the day would come when this nation's citizens would need to start anew, and to honor them- head out the range, fire off a couple of hundred rounds and then keep your powder dry.


"It's just a goddamned piece of paper!"

I had a few minutes this morning to try and catch up on some blog reading and was at Clair Wolfe's Blog, when I found the link to the following at Capitol Hill Blue:
Bush on the Constitution: 'It's just a goddamned piece of paper'
Dec 9, 2005, 07:53

Last month, Republican Congressional leaders filed into the Oval Office to meet with President George W. Bush and talk about renewing the controversial USA Patriot Act.

Several provisions of the act, passed in the shell shocked period immediately following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, caused enough anger that liberal groups like the American Civil Liberties Union had joined forces with prominent conservatives like Phyllis Schlafly and Bob Barr to oppose renewal.

GOP leaders told Bush that his hardcore push to renew the more onerous provisions of the act could further alienate conservatives still mad at the President from his botched attempt to nominate White House Counsel Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.

"I don't give a goddamn," Bush retorted. "I'm the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way."

"Mr. President," one aide in the meeting said. "There is a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution."

"Stop throwing the Constitution in my face," Bush screamed back. "It's just a goddamned piece of paper!"
Click on the title or the embedded link above to read the rest of the post, and for further reading on this, here is a Google search of that statement.

Now, it seems that I am a Johnny-Come-Lately to this as others have posted on this already, but I will say this:

Listen up you stupid-ass frat boy, that "goddamned piece of paper" is what grants you your status. You are an ELECTED official and, if this is something you said, which I have little doubt that you did not, then you are a piss-poor one at that.

However, just like Clinton, and your Daddy, you are on what amounts to equal footing as so many presidents and other elected officials have been piss poor. However, to spit in our faces so, I have but one thing to remind you of:
"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure," said Thomas Jefferson in a letter to William Stephens (November 13, 1787).
Please, please, please keep saying such things, as it shows the truth with which you, and our other supposed masters, hold us- we the citizenry, and it only moves the date at which this will happen in this country again, that much closer...


12 December, 2005

In case you missed any of the Guns Magazine's from 1955

I missed a few myself, and fortunately, was able to go and get the ones I missed here. And for the December issue, go here.

Thank you Guns Magazine for fifty years, and here is looking to another fifty!


09 December, 2005

Finally, some truth from C.A.I.R.

Inside the Beltway

By John McCaslin
December 9, 2005

Leave it alone

Now its Muslims in America coming to the defense of Christians who want to call a Christmas tree by its name.

We turn to Cincinnati Enquirer and a newspaper editorial that calls the current debate about renaming Christmas trees "foolish."

"It is political correctness run amok, and it is unfortunate that the rhetoric over whether to change references of 'Christmas' to 'holiday' is even being considered," the newspaper's editors write. Actually, it's beyond consideration.

In Boston, a Christian group has threatened to sue after city fathers renamed their Christmas tree a "holiday" tree. Here on Capitol Hill, at least, smarter heads prevailed and changed the "Capitol Holiday Tree" back to the "Capitol Christmas Tree."

But our favorite quote is compliments of Karen Dabdoub, president of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington. She tells the Enquirer: "Who are we fooling? The Jews don't put up a tree for Hanukkah; the Muslims don't put up a tree for Ramadan. It doesn't take away from my celebration of my holiday for other people to celebrate their holiday."
Who'd have thunk it...


08 December, 2005

Interesting news on Able Danger

The following is an E-mail I received just a bit ago that has had all E-mail addresses expunged:
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> Sent: Thursday, December 08, 2005 17:22
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> Posted on Thu, Dec. 08, 2005
> General gave OK for Able Danger
> Former military chief confirms al-Qaida mission
> By James Rosen
> McClatchy News Service
> WASHINGTON -- Gen. Hugh Shelton, who was the military's top commander
> during the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, confirmed that four years before the
> tragedy he authorized a secret computer data-mining initiative to track
> down Osama bin Laden and operatives in the fugitive terrorist's al-Qaida
> network.
> In his first public comments on the initiative, which some former
> intelligence officers now say was code-named Able Danger, Shelton also
> confirmed that he received two briefings on the clandestine mission --
> both well before the Sept. 11 attacks.
> "Right after I left SOCOM (Special Operations Command), I asked my
> successor to put together a small team, if he could, to try to use the
> Internet and start trying to see if there was any way that we could track
> down Osama bin Laden or where he was getting his money from or anything
> of that nature," Shelton said Monday in an interview.
> "It was just kind of an experiment," Shelton said. "What can we do? So, he
> pulled together a bunch of really bright, computer-literate guys from
> across the services."
> Shelton's assertions are significant because they raise new questions
> about the government's knowledge of the al-Qaida network before the Sept.
> 11 attacks and about the subsequent findings of a commission that
> Congress set up to probe the attacks.
> Shelton was responding to claims by former Pentagon intelligence officers,
> who say they used a data-mining program code-named Able Danger to
> identify ringleader Mohammed Atta and three other hijackers in early 2000
> but that Pentagon lawyers blocked them from relaying their findings to
> the FBI.
> Before the Defense Department issued a gag order that prevented them from
> testifying to Congress in September, the former intelligence officers said
> they were assigned to use sophisticated software to perform complex
> computer searches of "open-source" data in a bid to locate links among
> al-Qaida operatives.
> Navy Capt. Scott Phillpott said he led the program that identified Atta in
> January or February 2000. Army Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer said Shelton had
> issued a directive establishing Able Danger, and that he and other
> intelligence officers on the top-secret program briefed Shelton on its
> findings in early 2001.
> In its final report last year, the Sept. 11 commission spread blame across
> the government but said it had not identified any of the 19 hijackers
> before the attacks. The panel Monday gave the government poor grades on
> implementing its post-Sept. 11 recommendations, some of which aimed at
> increasing the sharing of potential terrorism intelligence among
> different agencies.
> Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa., who has led a congressional push for the Pentagon
> to allow open Able Danger hearings, said the Sept. 11 commission failed
> to adequately investigate the program or its findings.
> "This is not Curt Weldon speaking," Weldon told Fox News on Monday. "These
> are senior military intelligence officers. These are not people off the
> street. One's a Naval Academy graduate. Both of them have 23 years of>
> experience. The analysts who worked this program are all in sync."
> Lee Hamilton, a former Indiana Democratic lawmaker who was vice chairman
> of the Sept. 11 panel, said its staff interviewed the intelligence
> officers at the center of the Able Danger saga.
> "They claim to have information about Mohammed Atta, and they claim to
> have this chart, but they cannot produce it," Hamilton said Monday in an
> interview. "If these folks have documentary evidence, let's bring it
> forward."
> Despite an exhaustive two-year probe, Hamilton said, the commission might
> have missed important clues about the Sept. 11 attacks.
> "We're still looking at the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and John F.
> Kennedy," he said. "That's OK. And it may very well be that there are
> documents (related to Sept. 11) that we missed. We looked at over 2
> million documents and had a very good staff, but it's possible we missed
> something."
Make of it what you will...


06 December, 2005

Christmas carols banned, but Hanukkah songs OK

District axes 'dogmatic religious statements,' yet suggesting Jewish themes more cultural

Posted: December 6, 2005
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Religious-liberty attorneys have contacted a Wisconsin school district that consistently forbids Christian Christmas carols from being sung in music programs but finds nothing wrong with Hanukkah songs.

According to law firm Liberty Counsel, the Glendale-River Hills School District of Glendale, Wis., has a written policy saying songs with "dogmatic religious statements" are strictly forbidden.
Does anyone recall Major Strasser's failed attempt at getting his officers to sing, but were drowned out by the crowd's choice in Rick's Cafe Americain. It seems more and more of those wanting to sing anything but true Christmas songs are getting drowned out too.

Oh, and in the end, we now what happened to Major Strasser...


04 December, 2005

Who doesn't like Root Beer?

Fess up...


30 November, 2005

Signaling Vulnerabilities in Wiretapping Systems

For your paranoid edification:

In a research paper appearing in the November/December 2005 issue of IEEE Security and Privacy, we analyzed publicly available information and materials to evaluate the reliability of the telephone wiretapping technologies used by US law enforcement agencies. The analysis found vulnerabilities in widely fielded interception technologies that are used for both "pen register" and "full audio" (Title III / FISA) taps. The vulnerabilities allow a party to a wiretapped call to disable content recording and call monitoring and to manipulate the logs of dialed digits and call activity. These countermeasures do not require cooperation with the called party, elaborate equipment, or special skill. Preliminary drafts of the paper have been made available to the law enforcement community; contact the authors at the above email address.

We found exploitable vulnerabilities present in virtually all analog "loop extender" or "dialup slave" wiretap systems and in at least some systems based on the newer J-STD-025A CALEA interfaces. These systems depend on unsecured "in-band" signals that can be spoofed or manipulated by an interception target via his or her own telephone line.

In the most serious countermeasures we discovered, a wiretap subject superimposes a continuous low-amplitude "C-tone" audio signal over normal call audio on the monitored line. The tone is misinterpreted by the wiretap system as an "on-hook" signal, which mutes monitored call audio and suspends audio recording. Most loop extender systems, as well as at least some CALEA systems, appear to be vulnerable to this countermeasure. Audio examples (in MP3 format) of this countermeasure can be found below.
And, just in case those links go missing, you can get every downloadable item that was in the article here, here, and here.

Put the information to good use...


26 November, 2005

Christmas is Coming

And this "life-sized" Robby the Robot is one neat gift, but, if you really want to spend $50,000.00 Federal Reserve Notes on me, then I ask you visit Ronnie Barrett's and get me the M82A1, scope & rings, nine extra magazines, and 5,000 rounds of ammo (it is what I asked Santa for).

If not wanting to do that, then I would gladly accept fifty American Gold Eagles, and, then profusely thank you for your generosity...


25 November, 2005

Which Historical General Are You?

While catching up on blogs I enjoy, I found Stoney's Post, at the wonderfully redone Rebel Yell. Here is his post on it.

He noted in his post, he scored as William Wallace and seeing as it is a day for enjoyment for me, I decided to play too:

King Edward I

You scored 68 Wisdom, 65 Tactics, 56 Guts, and 71 Ruthlessness!
Or rather, King Edward the Longshanks if you've seen Braveheart. You, like Edward, are incredibly smart and shrewd, but you win at any costs.... William Wallace died at his hands after a fierce Scottish rebellion against his reign. Despite his reputation though, Longshanks had the best interests of his people at heart. But God help you if you got on his bad side.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 64% on Unorthodox
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You scored higher than 34% on Tactics
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You scored higher than 51% on Guts
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You scored higher than 98% on Ruthlessness
Thanks for the link to the playtime Stoney.


Papiere Gefallen

Mr. Sharkey sent this Thanksgiving missive in yesterday morning:
Next Stop: Big Brother

Meet Deborah Davis. She's a 50 year-old mother of four who lives and works in Denver, Colorado. Her kids are all grown-up: her middle son is a soldier fighting in Iraq. She leads an ordinary, middle class life. You probably never would have heard of Deb Davis if it weren't for her belief in the U.S. Constitution.

One morning in late September 2005, Deb was riding the public bus to work. She was minding her own business, reading a book and planning for work, when a security guard got on this public bus and demanded that every passenger show their ID. Deb, having done nothing wrong, declined. The guard called in federal cops, and she was arrested and charged with federal criminal misdemeanors after refusing to show ID on demand.

On the 9th of December 2005, Deborah Davis will be arraigned in U.S. District Court in a case that will determine whether Deb and the rest of us live in a free society, or in a country where we must show "papers" whenever a cop demands them.
Make sure you have your speakers turned up real loud when you click on the title...


'The Prisoner' set for TV return in new version

The only comment posted at the link so far, is spot on.
On 23 Nov at 23:28 - Jacob C. from Arizona said:

Unless Patrick McGoohan is actually involved or this series has his blessing, it's a crime for them to go ahead with it. "The Prisoner" was McGoohan's baby, and for them to 'take liberties' with it without his approval would be little short of blasphemy - perhaps too strong a word, but this production seems to show little respect for or understanding of the original Prisoner.
For those that have never seen the show before, or really never looked at some of my links, particularly under What Have We Here, I have had a link to a great site that has been under reconstruction for a long time, but here is the Wayback Machine's copy, and here is the Google search for more.

I first watched this show in reruns, on a local UHF station when I was seven, and was mesmerised by the show and it's concept. For a while, last year, BBC America had it on, but kept shifting time slots and it was hard to get recorded. If you have never seen it or have not viewed it in years, then you would do well, my Paranoids to rent or purchase it.

Oh, and yes, even before watching the show, I was a budding paranoid...


Former Canadian Minister Of Defence - UFO's Real

Former Canadian Minister Of Defence Asks Canadian Parliament Asked To Hold Hearings On Relations With Alien "Et" Civilizations

Thu Nov 24, 7:00 AM ET

(PRWEB) - OTTAWA, CANADA (PRWEB) November 24, 2005 -- A former Canadian Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister under Pierre Trudeau has joined forces with three Non-governmental organizations to ask the Parliament of Canada to hold public hearings on Exopolitics -- relations with "ETs."

By "ETs," Mr. Hellyer and these organizations mean ethical, advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that may now be visiting Earth.

On September 25, 2005, in a startling speech at the University of Toronto that caught the attention of mainstream newspapers and magazines, Paul Hellyer, Canada?s Defence Minister from 1963-67 under Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prime Minister Lester Pearson, publicly stated: "UFOs, are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head."

Mr. Hellyer went on to say, "I'm so concerned about what the consequences might be of starting an intergalactic war, that I just think I had to say something."

Hellyer revealed, "The secrecy involved in all matters pertaining to the Roswell incident was unparalled. The classification was, from the outset, above top secret, so the vast majority of U.S. officials and politicians, let alone a mere allied minister of defence, were never in-the-loop."

Hellyer warned, "The United States military are preparing weapons which could be used against the aliens, and they could get us into an intergalactic war without us ever having any warning. He stated, "The Bush administration has finally agreed to let the military build a forward base on the moon, which will put them in a better position to keep track of the goings and comings of the visitors from space, and to shoot at them, if they so decide."
Truth? Or, is it more disinformation...


14 November, 2005

Coventry, England 1940

Churchill allowed this to happen:

"On 14 November 1940, 500 German bombers dropped 500 tons of explosives and nearly 900 incendiary bombs on Coventry in just ten hours."

When history provides examples of "leaders" sacrificing their peoples, for a "greater good", do you not think that current "leaders" also take note of these events and, perhaps, just perhaps, allow similar events to occur?

I certainly do, and Brigham Young University Physics professor Steven E. Jones makes me wonder too. For, he asserts that "it's likely that there were "pre-positioned explosives" in all three buildings at ground zero" on September 11th, 2001.

More can be read here, if you are intrigued, or simply interested...


10 November, 2005

Armistice Day

Remember the fallen and the standing.


07 November, 2005

November 8

1519 - Cortez arrived in Mexico City

1805 - The "Corps of Discovery" reached the Pacific Ocean. The expedition was lead by William Clark and Meriwether Lewis. The journey had begun on May 14, 1804, with the goal of exploring the Louisiana Purchase territory.

1847 - Bram Soker was born.

1923 - Adolf Hitler made his first attempt at seizing power in Germany with a failed coup in Munich that came to be known as the "Beer-Hall Putsch."

1942 - During World War II, Operation Torch began as U.S. and British forces landed in French North Africa.

1986 - Vyacheslav M. Molotov died at age 96. During World War II, Molotov ordered the mass production of bottles filled with flammable liquid later called the "Molotov cocktail."

2000 - Waco special counsel John C. Danforth released his final report that absolved the government of wrongdoing in the 1993 seige of the Branch Davidian compound in Texas.

Oh, and as far as I am concerned, the World came into existance forty-one years ago...


I have a son

Who does not live with me and is barely seventeen.

Today I am a grandfather, as my son's woman, who is three years older than he, bore him a child early today.

I do not ask for congratulations...


19 October, 2005

Intriguing site.

The first is structured like a tree, and the second is, well very entertaining, and probably not work safe- just remember to use your mouse.



Oh, and check out the others on the first one too...


18 October, 2005

Cornawallis Surrenders!

Today, in 1781, Cornwallis surrendered and ended our first war of Independence.

Raise a toast to those fine Men, and remember that our Founding Father's left us a great legacy, that we have squandered.

"And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor."


17 October, 2005

Why doesn't anyone say I love being sick?

Simply, because that is just stupid.

Oh, and I hate being sick...


12 October, 2005

Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa - Privileged

Yesterday, when several of us TSRA members were discussing this, I said:
"I am not a fan of his, unless we (which more than likely we will) find out he received preferential treatment, we should use this to our advantage in future attempts at repealing onerous state and even feral legislation with him signing on, introducing, and twisting arms."
And, of course I knew he would get preferential treatment, but what has startled everyone is the fact that:
"McAllen Municipal Court Judge Kathleen Henley tossed out the case against Hinojosa just before his arraignment, a court procedure in which suspects are read their rights and allowed to hear charges against them. A suspect typically is booked into jail after arraignment."
And Monday evening when he first faced reporters, he said:
"I was handled like any other citizen," Hinojosa said when asked if he received special treatment because of his post.

The Transportation Security Administration screeners handled themselves professionally, he said.

Hinojosa became agitated at reporters when he was repeatedly asked whether law enforcement would have treated an ordinary citizen the same way.

"You understand English?" the senator asked. "I have a license to carry a concealed weapon."
No Chuy, you do not have a "license to carry a concealed weapon." What you have is a Texas Concealed Handgun License, and no where in the legislation does it allow CHL's to carry in the restricted area of an airport. I know my instructor, and every subsequent competent instructor I have sat in with, plainly specifies that it is a CHL- not a CWL. Further, if you thnk that CHL gets you a buy from prosecution, that only happens if you are some Lord Muckety Fuck-Up with political clout, such as yourself. And to prove my point, you should read the Texas laws since you were not in office, 1995, when it was passed and you just might not confuse the two next time.

However Chuy, a minor screw-up like you had is no big deal in this Paranoid's opinion, but what is, is the shit eating judge who tossed this during arraignment and you lying to everyone saying:
"I was handled like any other citizen," Hinojosa said when asked if he received special treatment because of his post.
This is where you really fucked up.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, knows damn good and well that if anyone, such as myself, had screwed up like you did, we would have spent at least the night in the graybar motel, and would not have had it tossed.

You really fucked up Chuy, and it ain't over.


08 October, 2005

This is my rifle. This is my gun.

One is for shooting and one is for fun:
Distracted callers unsure what naked walker had in hand

Associated Press
Oct. 7, 2005 08:55 AM

WHITNEY POINT, N.Y. - Did the naked guy have a big gun or just a big stick?

Police in upstate New York aren't sure. State troopers were sent to search for a naked man with a gun along Interstate 81 north of Binghamton, after cellphone callers reported seeing the guy.

Police say one caller said the naked man was carrying a shotgun, but another reported he was using a walking stick.

Police say a search of the highway turned up neither the man nor the gun.
A quick glance at this tends to make most people think that this is no more than a prank, but my first thought was: Are they being tested, probed, timed for reaction?

But then again, this is just me...


06 October, 2005

Security fears as flu virus that killed 50 million is recreated

Ian Sample, science correspondent
Thursday October 6, 2005
The Guardian

Scientists have recreated the 1918 Spanish flu virus, one of the deadliest ever to emerge, to the alarm of many researchers who fear it presents a serious security risk.

Undisclosed quantities of the virus are being held in a high-security government laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia, after a nine-year effort to rebuild the agent that swept the globe in record time and claimed the lives of an estimated 50 million people.

The genetic sequence is also being made available to scientists online, a move which some fear adds a further risk of the virus being created in other labs.

The recreation was carried out in an attempt to understand what made the 1918 outbreak so devastating. Reporting in the journal Science, a team lead by Dr Jeffery Taubenberger at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Maryland shows that the recreated virus is extremely effective. When injected into mice, it quickly took hold and they started to lose weight rapidly, shedding 13% of their original weight in just two days. Within six days, all mice injected with the virus had died.

In a comparison experiment, similar mice were injected with a contemporary strain of flu, and although the mice lost weight initially, they recovered. Tests revealed that the Spanish flu virus multiplied so rapidly that after four days, mice contained 39,000 times more flu virus than those injected with the more common strain of flu.
This certainly makes me wonder what is in the works, particularly with all of the news lately about the possible Avain Flu pandemic, does it not you?


Aaron Broussard follow-up

Via NewsMax, Mr. Fontova recaps for us:
What Aaron Broussard Didn't Tell Us

Humberto Fontova
Saturday, Oct. 1, 2005

Twice now, the president of Louisiana's Jefferson Parish, Aaron Broussard (an ambitious Democrat), has thrown teary tantrums on "Meet the Press." Among his choice blubberings: "We've been abandoned by our own government! Bureaucracy has committed murder! Some people need to be strung up. They need to be burned at the stake!"

On national TV Broussard told a tragic story of a parish employee whose elderly mother drowned in a nursing home in a neighboring parish because federal help arrived too late.

"Is someone coming to get me, son?" Broussard quoted the frantic telephone calls. "Yes, somebody's coming to get you, Momma, " he quoted his employee as answering. "Somebody's coming ..."

"She drowned Friday night," Broussard started bawling. "She drowned Friday night!"

"Just take a pause, Mr. President," a chastened Tim Russert was forced to respond, "while you gather yourself in your very emotional times. I understand."

The story was soon exposed as mostly phony by The New York Times, MSNBC and CNN (not exactly outposts of the vast right-wing conspiracy), among many other sources. The blogoshere was humming for days with accounts of the phoniness until the major media finally caught on.

Tragically, the poor man's mother did drown, but it had absolutely nothing to do with the tardiness of any federal rescuers. And it occurred five days earlier than Broussard claimed, which made it a wholly local evacuation matter. In fact, the nursing home owners are under arrest and charged with homicide for the deaths of the 34 patients who drowned.
Now, T.C. Hamm sent this link in Tuesday morning, and I am glad that he did, because here is what is news and very interesting news it is:
You'd never know it from the major media, but there are several hundred thousand people in Broussard's own Jefferson parish right now who, if they could get their hands on some torches and pitchforks, would storm Broussard's office faster than that mob of enraged villagers stormed Baron Von Frankenstein's castle.

These people have been rendered homeless by flooding, and they're not blaming the feds or even the state. They're blaming their Parish president, Aaron Broussard. If Tim Russert really wants some fireworks, he might invite some of these infuriated residents of Jefferson parish (who include my parents and dozens of lifelong friends) on his show.

Eastern Jefferson parish, the most highly populated area, which sits next to New Orleans, consists mostly of reclaimed marsh and swamp. A series of drainage canals criss-cross the parish. These end at huge pumping stations (18 of them, costing tens of millions of dollars) that pump out rainwater from the canals into adjacent Lake Pontchartrain to keep the parish from flooding.

This is necessary even during heavy rains, and sporadic flooding is common in portions of eastern Jefferson parish (I grew up there, I know) during torrential thunderstorms.

Well, all of the people hired to operate Jefferson parish's pumps were evacuated to a hundred miles north of New Orleans - on the orders of Aaron Broussard. Cops and firemen, naturally, stayed. Many sensible people consider these pump operators every bit as essential as cops and firemen during a major hurricane. (And you can hear their furious sputterings on all the local radio talk shows, Mr. Russert.)

The pumping stations themselves are huge, sturdy, blockhouse-type buildings. None sustained any major damage from the winds. In fact, I received some reports that area policemen, during the height of the hurricane, actually sought refuge inside a pumping station, recognizing it as the safest place around. Sure enough, they emerged completely unscathed, as was the expensive ? but completely idle ? pumping station.

Though no levees broke, damage in eastern Jefferson parish might reach $1 billion, mostly from flooding. If Tim Russert wants some genuine rage on his show, I know tens of thousands of people from Jefferson parish who might volunteer ? and with true stories.
Do you think that maybe, just maybe, all of Aaron Brousard's own waterworks was a calculated move to cover-up his own stupidities at destroying his parish. No, I did not think so either- he was after as much political hay as he could make blaming others when Tim Russert gave him the opportunity to read from his prepared notes which he held in his hands- looking down so often you could see him get his talking points (13.2MB WMV File) in order...


04 October, 2005

Harriet Miers- Conservative Oaklawn Lesbian?

  • Never been married
  • No Children
  • Supporter of Homosexual Adoption/Marriage(?)
  • Supporter of Women in Combat
I called a friend of mine in Dallas and asked him if she is, and he burst out laughing.

He told me it was funny that I should ask, and that I was the first to do so, but yes, there are very old rumors that she is a Conservative Oaklawn Lesbian, but that nothing has ever been proven.

So, I do not know, and many will tell me that it is none of my business nor will it cloud her judgment, which I think maybe slightly true, but I have to laugh and laugh very, very hard if she is, as GWB will have sold another bill of goods to his conservative supporters who believe he walks on water and thus refuse to admit when he screws them...


03 October, 2005

Birthdays on October 4th

I have a good friend whose birthday is today, and I also have a client who told me how old he is since it is his birthday too. Of course, I did ask him if they had dirt then, and he burst out laughing when I did so.

Now, I fully intended to wish the El Guapo a Happy Birthday, as I did last year, but this evening, when I was checking my visit stats, I ran across this search in my logs:
people whose birthday is tuesday,october 4

Now others whose birthday is October 4th are:

1289 Louis X (the Stubborn) king of France (1314-16)
1626 Richard Cromwell lord protector of England (1658-59)
1822 Rutherford B Hayes (R) 19th pres (1877-81)
1850 John W McGraw (Gov-R-Wash) (1893-97)
1860 Sidney Paget illustrated Sherlock Holmes adventures
1861 Frederic Remington US, artist/sculptor of the American West
1880 Damon Runyon writer (Guys & Dolls-based on his work)
1889 John B Kelly Olympic champion rower/father of Grace Kelly
1892 Engelbert Dollfuss Austrian Fascist chancellor killed by Nazis
1894 Cliff Hall Brooklyn NY, actor (Crime Photographer)
1895 Buster Keaton actor (The Navigator, Steamboat Bill, Jr)
19-- Bill Fagerbakke actor (Dauber Dybinski-Coach)
19-- Brynn Thayer actress (One Life to Live)
19-- Christopher Stone Manchester NH, actor (Dave-Dallas, The Interns)
19-- Eric Kilpatrick St Louis Mo, actor (Curtis-White Shadow)
19-- Mary Lynn Blanks actress (As the World Turns)
19-- Meg Bennett actress (Young & Restless)
1917 Jan Murray Bronx NY, comedian (Treasure Hunt, Who Killed Teddy Bear)
1922 Malcolm Baldrige Conn, US Secretary of Commerce (1981-87)
1923 Charlton Heston actor (10 Commandments, Ben Hur, Planet of the Apes)
1929 Leroy Van Dyke Spring Fork Mo, country singer (Walk on By)
1931 Dick Tracy comic strip crimestopper
1932 Felicia Farr Westchester NY, actress (Charley Varrick, Kotch)
1934 Sam Huff NFL linebacker (NY Giants, Washington Redskins)
1935 Eddie Applegate Wyncote Pa, actor (Richard-Patty Duke Show)
1941 Jackie Collins London, author (Bitch, Stud)
1941 Lori Saunders Kansas City Mo (Petticoat Junction, Dusty Trails)
1943 Buddy Roemer (Gov-D-La)
1943 Owen Keir Davidson Australia, 4 time Wimbledon mix double champ
1944 Patti LaBelle singer (LaBelles-Lady Marmalade)
1945 Clifton Davis Chicago Ill, actor/singer (That's My Mama, Amen)
1946 Susan Sarandon [Tomaling], Jackson Hgts NY, actress (Bull Durham)
1949 Armand Assante NYC, actor (Private Benjamin, Unfaithfully Yours)
1960 Jennifer Anglin Adrian Mich, actress (Cheryl-General Hospital)
1961 David W Harper Abilene Tx, actor (Jim Bob-Waltons)
1989 Dakota Johnson son of Melanie Griffith & Don Johnson
2004 The Launch of SpaceShip One

And of course El Guapo!

Sometimes, the strangest things just seem to come up randomly, and most people think this anyway. Being the Paranoid that I am, I do not, so Mr. UUNET User, I am watching for you...


02 October, 2005

Mogadishu, Somalia

From last years post:
October 3rd, 1993. The battle left 18 dead and 84 wounded

Time to remember.

If you have not read the book, you should. The story was also told in film.

A filthy day in united States History

The Sixteenth Amendment.

Die you Worthless Bastards! DIE!


Come and Take It Day

I could not get into Blooger all day and finally am able to.

That will teach me to make sure I have major date blogs set and ready to go in the future.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great

For more information, see here, and here.

30 September, 2005

Beauvoir - Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library

From the Press Release:

Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library

For Immediate Release
For Further Information Contact:
William Earl Faggert
H 601-787-4660
C 601-310-4016


With a fury, Hurricane Katrina came roaring across the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In her wake, she left the twisted remains of history. Decades of Mississippi disappeared. Yet, one important historic home remains, severely damaged but not destroyed.

Beauvoir, the last home of Jefferson F. Davis, suffered severe damage from the waves and winds of Katrina. Only two of the buildings remain, the mansion and the Presidential Library. The positive news is that both of these will be repaired, with adequate time and funds.

Listed on the National Historic Register, Beauvoir is also a National Historic Landmark, as well as one of Mississippi's Archaeological Landmarks. Jefferson Davis spent his last years here, enjoying the view, and writing his memoirs. Davis' professional career included years as the President of the Confederate States of America, and also as a prominent leader in the United States. He served in positions such as Secretary of War under President Franklin Pierce, a U. S. Senator from Mississippi, and was a renowned military leader in the Mexican War.

Today, Beauvoir is one of the few remaining historical sites on the Coast. With all the devastation left by Katrina, Beauvoir, in the words of many, has become the spirit of determination of recovery on the Coast. It has become the heart of the cultural and historical rebuilding. The mansion and Presidential Library both can be rebuilt, but it is going to require help from all. (Visit our website at http://www.beauvoir.org/ to view some of the damage.)

Efforts are underway now to begin Beauvoir recovery, but we need your financial assistance. Staff members, working with members of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, have already begun removing many items for preservation. Your donations are needed more than ever.

Please forward all contributions to:

Mississippi Division - United Sons of Confederate Veterans, Inc.
dba The Jefferson Davis Home & Presidential Library
P O Box 7
Meridian, MS 39302-0007.

Checks may be made payable as above or simply Beauvoir Relief Fund, and all contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Images from before and after can viewed here, and you know what you can contribute, so do so when you can as much as you can.


29 September, 2005


Take my love.
Take my land.
Take me where I cannot stand.
I don't care, I'm still free.
You can't take the sky from me.

Take me out to the black.
Tell 'em I ain't comin' back.
Burn the land and boil the sea.
You can't take the sky from me.

Have no place
I can be
Since I found Serenity.

Go and watch, buy the DVD boxset, and remember there are many many others who want freedom too...


28 September, 2005

AD says I should meet Aaron Broussard

Tuesday, September 27, 2005 10:14
whose.paranoid E-mail Address
Subject: Go meet him!

I suggest you go and meet Mr. Brossard personally and inform him of your insightful understanding of his situation. Imagine the backtracking that no-good liar/political hack will have to do in the face of your superior knowledge and understanding of his situation!

I believe he was angry at bureaucracy. Bureaucracy comes at every level. Mr. Brossard is a member of the bureaucracy and bears responsibility also, but his is local - the problem is not. The lower your bureaucratic level - the less you can accomplish. I believe he was venting at those levels (local, state and federal) that had control over the assets that may have helped his area of responsibility. However, The federal government is responsible for all navigable waterways in the country.

I'm really looking forward to reading you after you and Mr. Broussard have a chance to sit down together and share your wisdom.

Let me know when that happens,
Pinedale, Wyoming

I do not have to go meet him, as I said in my posting, what type of man Aarron Broussard is, is plainly evident in the video, through his subsequent television appearances and public statements. His constant looks down, in the original Meet The Press video, to read whatever script that was in front of him, is obvious. I would suggest you view it one more time and pay close attention. It can be viewed from my blog either from my posting Arron Broussard=Horseshit, or you can scroll down on the right and under VIDEOS download it- it is the last one in that section.

Now, if you do not wish to do so, fine, you can continue to make excuses for his pathetic actions, but as the World has come to know, he used a ninety-two (92) year old woman?s death for political gain.

You may support and defend him all you would like, that is your prerogative, and you may sincerely believe that he is an honest politician, however, others are not so myopic and have politely called him on it. I, on the other hand, am not and called him for the exact scum that he is. Please continue to attempt misdirection via the control of navigable waters being the prevue of the feral government and even the claim of his low-man-on-totem-pole excuse, but I must inform you, it does not work with me.

I do not have to sit down and meet him, the rest of the World and I already have.



I was contacted by the true owner of the E-mail account A.D. sent from, surprise, surprise- and it is not his.

The true owner was very gracious in his request that I do not use his business account to exchange responses, and I explained that it will not happen from my account again and to not trouble himself to find out who it was to begin with as I consider it a waste of time and I hope he does too, as A.D. has shown exactly what kind of man he is as well.

27 September, 2005

I never said my posts were safe for children.

But, for those in need of an extra reciept for tax time, you might try Pink Expenses, and for those that definitely just want to finally hang it all up, just think lunch.

Do not say that you have not been warned...


26 September, 2005


Washington Times Inside Politics September 26th, 2005

A New Orleans area politician who a few weeks ago went on national television to tearfully blame the federal government for the death of an elderly woman in a nursing home grudgingly conceded yesterday that his story was untrue.

Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard, in a return appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press," appeared surprised when host Tim Russert asked him to set the record straight. Mr. Broussard, in his earlier appearance, had accused the federal government of near-criminal negligence in the death of the 92-year-old mother of the parish's emergency services director.

Mr. Broussard's account of how the woman had drowned four days after the hurricane while awaiting rescue from the federal government has been refuted by the woman's son, Thomas Rodrigue, who said his last contact with her was on a Monday -- the day of the hurricane -- and not the following Thursday or Friday, as Mr. Broussard had suggested.

She apparently died that Monday, Aug. 29, with more than 30 others in the nursing home, at a time when responsibility for an evacuation or subsequent rescue clearly belonged to state and local officials.

Mr. Broussard said yesterday that he had been misinformed, but then lashed out at those who had questioned his story. "What kind of sick mind, what kind of black-hearted people want to nitpick a man's mother's death?" he said.
No, you slimy, weaseling bastard, that is not the real question, the real question is:

What kind of sick mind, what kind of black-hearted people used a man's mother's death for political gain on a broadcast seen across the Nation and around the World?


21 September, 2005

Damn near a Cliff Notes version of the Bible.

Wed Sep 21, 7:21 AM ET

LONDON (AFP) - Business folk are used to reading executive summaries of important documents, and now would-be Christians are to have the same privilege, in the form of a chopped-down Bible that can be read in under two hours.

A Church of England vicar was on Wednesday unveiling his self-styled "100-Minute Bible", an ultra-condensed edition of the Christian holy book which claims to neatly summarise every teaching from the Creation to the Revelation.

The Reverend Michael Hinton was launching his work at Canterbury Cathedral in southern England, the headquarters of the Anglican Church.

Publishers the 100-Minute Press say the book has been written for those who want to know more about Christianity but who do not have the time to read the original in full.

"This is a book for adults and has been written in a style to encourage readers to keep turning the pages, but without resorting to any literary gimmicks," said Len Budd from the publishing firm.

"As the bible itself, the 100-Minute Bible should be a bestseller."
Hmm, if he had just condensed it to sixty minutes, I am sure Cliff Notes would have been happy to put their name on the cover, but then again, they already have one.


19 September, 2005

Henry Waxman is a Pig-Faced Bastard

These folks, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP, found me via this Yahoo search, and I ran through forty-two (42) pages and still could not find myself, so this means that they are being paid to see how many folks on the web consider him to be or have the words Henry Waxman and Pig together.

So, yes lawyers, I think Henry Waxman is a pig faced bastard.


Arron Broussard = Horseshit

An emotional moment and a misunderstanding
Story of a mother's desperate calls from nursing home skewed

MSNBC and NBC News
Updated: 10:55 a.m. ET Sept. 19, 2005

WASHINGTON - The Jefferson Parish president's emotional retelling of a mother's desperate calls from a New Orleans nursing home included details that conflict with the timeline of the tragedy.

The story, of a colleague's mother begging her son for rescue as flood waters rose after Hurricane Katrina, came to prominence on Sunday, Sept. 4, when Aaron Broussard, president of Jefferson Parish in New Orleans, was interviewed by Tim Russert on NBC's Meet the Press. (MSNBC is a Microsoft-NBC joint venture.)

New details and interviews with the son whose mother died in the flood show that the tragedy unfolded from Saturday through Monday, Aug. 29 - not Monday through Friday, Sept. 2 as recounted by Broussard. The owners of the nursing home were indicted Tuesday for the deaths of more than 30 residents, which officials say occurred on Aug. 29.
It was nothing more than a politcal hatchet job, and you can watch the video here (13.2MB WMV File- Right Click, Save-As). Further, you do not even have to pay real close attention to see he is reading a script through the entire interview.

Now you know why for years, I have called it "Meet the Weepy", and yes, this was well before I had even heard of the hypocrite Limbaugh...


So, the gun confiscating was stopped?

AP - Sat Sep 17, 6:51 PM ET

ATF Special Response team member David Millen looking for weapons under a house in New Orleans Saturday Sept. 17, 2005. The team had reports of weapons at that house, but none were found. There is a heavy presence of police and military police in the area since Hurricane Kitrina hit the Crescent City. (AP Photo/Ann Heisenfelt)
So, what was the problem- besides the bed wetters fear that the peons have guns?


14 September, 2005

I have great respect for Alan Korwin

Prison Time For Gun Confiscators?

by Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America

Sometimes called "a novel legal theory" -- and a simple and fair response to gun confiscations in Louisiana:

Indict officials who violate the Constitution and trample fundamental rights. Use basic civil-rights laws against these alleged gun-rights offenders --

Federal law 18 USC § 241. "Conspiracy against rights"

The Gist: If two or more people conspire to injure, oppress, threaten or intimidate any person in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured under the Constitution or laws of the United States, they shall be fined, or imprisoned up to ten years, or both. The same penalty applies if two or more people go, in disguise, on the highway, or on the premises of a person, with similar intent to prevent or hinder such rights or privileges.

If death results from such acts, or if such acts include kidnapping, attempted kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault, attempted aggravated sexual assault, or an attempt to kill, they may be fined, imprisoned for any term of years up to life, or put to death. (See also 18-242, 18-1001 and 42-1983.)

Verbatim text of statute:
18 USC § 241. "Conspiracy against rights"
If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or

If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured?

They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death. [Notes: June 25, 1948 (171 words); Title 18. Crimes and Criminal Procedure; Part I: Crimes; Chapter 13: Civil Rights.]

Action You Can Take:

1. Hello, I'm a local resident and I have a question for my Senator (or Congressman). pause, listen

2. It concerns civil rights. Have you heard about the gun confiscations in Louisiana?

3. Let me email you some background that will make this easier, is that OK? Then I could call back. (Email any or all of this message as you see fit.) How do you spell your name?

4. I learned that there is a federal law, "18 USC 241" that provides a ten-year prison sentence for anyone who interferes with, and I'm quoting, "the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States."

Where do you think the Senator would stand on indicting the apparently illegal gun confiscators? pause. So would the Senator support disarming the public during emergencies?

WARNING: They will likely balk, tell you it doesn't apply, say you're wrong or make many other excuses. Do not accept that. I'll help you if some excuse seems impassable; they're not, I've heard a ton, they all fall once you look closely. Insist on enforcement of the plain clear language of the law. The authorities are not above the law, and they must be brought to justice.

Just fair play.

And have for many years, and this just raises, once again, the level I have for him.

Oh, and I prefer putting them to death...


12 September, 2005

"The NRA will not stand idly by..."

Disaster Can't Destroy Gun Rights

Monday, September 12, 2005

National Rifle Association leader Wayne LaPierre slammed New Orleans authorities Monday for seizing legal firearms from lawful residents.

"What we've seen in Louisiana - the breakdown of law and order in the aftermath of disaster - is exactly the kind of situation where the Second Amendment was intended to allow citizens to protect themselves, " LaPierre said.

"When law enforcement isn't available, Americans turn to the one right that protects all the others - the right to keep and bear arms," LaPierre said. "This attempt to repeal the Second Amendment should be condemned."

The New York Times reported last Thursday that no civilians in New Orleans will be allowed to have guns, quoting the superintendent of police that "only law enforcement are allowed to have weapons."

A Louisiana state statute allows the chief law enforcement officer to "regulate possession" of firearms during declared emergencies. "But regulate doesn't mean confiscate," said Chris W. Cox, the NRA's chief lobbyist.

"Authorities are using that statute to do what the looters and criminals could not: disarm the law-abiding citizens of New Orleans trying to protect their homes and families," Cox said.

"The NRA will not stand idly by while guns are confiscated from law-abiding people who're trying to defend themselves," he said.

"We're exploring every legal option available to protect the rights of lawful people in New Orleans," Cox said, "and we're taking steps to overturn such laws in every state where they exist."

"Local authorities in New Orleans are turning nature's assault on human life into man's assault on human rights," LaPierre said. "Four million NRA members intend to stop this unconstitutional power grab."
That is exactly what you pussiefied politicians, who are supposed to be the NRA leadership, did Chris, you stood "idly by" for four days "exploring every legal option" instead of saying what should have been said- use them...


11 September, 2005

Our Guns were Bigger than Theirs

You should have used them... (7.2MB AVI)


NOLA Videos

I have added NOLA videos to the Video Section (Down and to the Right). Please do not stream the video, but RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS to your HD.


Halted gun sales infuriate customers (Wal-Mart)

By Sasha Talcott, Globe Staff | September 11, 2005

BATON ROUGE, La. -- As fearful residents rush to stock up on guns, Wal-Mart, one of the region's biggest suppliers, abruptly stopped selling them at 40 stores scattered throughout the Gulf Coast.

The move infuriated some Wal-Mart customers in this fiercely progun region, some of whom said the big chain left them without protection as the violence increased after Hurricane Katrina.

"We had a lot of chaos," said Donald Goff, who was sitting in a white pickup outside a local Wal-Mart store. "They should be open to sell guns. They should not be doing this to people."

Smaller stores are eagerly filling the void. Spillway Sportsman, near Baton Rouge, sold 172 guns in one three-day period after the hurricane, when normally it might sell 15. One mother came in to buy her first gun after she and her two children, ages 9 and 12, witnessed a slaying on the streets of New Orleans, said Scott Roe, Spillway's owner.

"Her comment was, 'I was a card-carrying, antigun liberal -- not anymore,' " Roe said. "She said, 'I'm going back home, and I am not going back unarmed.'"

A Wal-Mart spokeswoman, Karen Burk, attributed the company's decision to pull guns from the shelves to "some very fluid circumstances and changing situations" in the region. She did not elaborate far beyond that. "We're trying to take care of our customers and community and be a responsible retailer at the same time," Burk said.

In addition to its decision to stop gun sales at 40 stores, Wal-Mart also has placed severe restrictions on gun sales at some other stores in the area. Executives ordered the guns removed from their glass display cases and put into a vault instead. At those stores, customers who want to purchase a gun must select it through a catalog.

Burk said the retailer has no date set to return guns to the stores.

Wal-Mart's decision to stop gun sales also earned it praise from several customers, who said police would protect them from any trouble.

"Why can't we get along? This is a time of crisis," said Mike White of Kenner, La. He said people who need guns for legitimate reasons, such as hunting, would not be buying now.
Well Mike, irrespective of your sheep like bleating, the World saw just how much governments protect and how soon the two-legged animals come out, and hunting season starts.

And, for my dear Paranoid Readers that wish to telephone, and tell them that old Sam must be spinning in his grave, the number is 1-800-925-6278.


General: Feds Won't Enforce Evacuation

General: Feds Won't Enforce Evacuation
Sep 11 9:45 AM US/Eastern


The commander of active duty troops involved in hurricane relief efforts said Sunday his soldiers will not enforce New Orleans' order for residents to evacuate the flooded city.

Army Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honore said military units are continuing to provide food and water and other aid despite the order, which he indicated is the responsibility of state and local authorities to enforce.

"Federal troops will not be involved in the direct evacuation in any way, of any one, from their home. That is a local and state law enforcement task not to include federal troops," Honore told CNN's "Late Edition."

He added that local officials and the National Guard also are providing food and water to people who have stayed.

Thousands of residents are defying orders to leave the city, but security forces were not physically forcing anyone to go. The mayor, Ray Nagin, had warned that residents could be forcibly removed, but authorities have been reluctant to take that step.

Honore, who heads the military's Joint Task Force Katrina, said that over the next three days, officials should learn how many people died in New Orleans. He said the preliminary figure of 10,000 offered last week by some officials was "a number we'd be very happy to be wrong about."

Honore also addressed the issue of media access during recover efforts. The Bush administration, challenged in court by CNN, agreed on Saturday not to prevent the media from following the effort to recover the bodies of Katrina victims.

On Thursday, Honore said the media would be allowed "zero access" to recovery efforts. But on Sunday, he said reporters and photographers have "total access" to the area.

"I can't swing a dead cat without hitting a reporter," Honore said.

He said his concern had been that news media would report deaths before family members had been notified. Reporters also were denied a seat on rescue craft because of concerns for overcrowding, he said.

The government is not permitting photographers to join rescuers in boats or helicopters during the mission to recover bodies from flooded homes.
No one is being forced, (3MB Download from Fox News O'Reilly the Brownshirt WMV Video or here for the original uncut 7.8MB WMV Video version) except by the California Highway Patrol and other government Jack-Booted Thugs, in New Orelans, Louissianna. And how about this video link from CNN?

These are grown men and women who have decided to stay, and some have made, or are making arrangements, or trying to with private relief, but that just won't do now will it? Of course not, as government, or government approved entities, have proven repeatedly that it, or it's designated proxies, should be in charge, right?

Of course, many will try to make nice and find excuses for such stupidity, and others will be polite in their criticisms, but I will not, as the last forty years of government help created this damn mess to begin with. At least three generations of people who have been taught to depend upon the state for their lives, and who have no desire to fend for themselves or plan for disasters. City, county, state, and federal governments who are corrupt, petty, and too incompetent to follow their plans in case of disaster. And of course, asswipes of every stripe are trying to make political hay of the mess to further their agendas that I will provide no links to.

The united States, whose, nearly entire population, is a Christian people, and one of the major edicts of those teachings is that God helps those who help themselves, or, if you prefer as I do, the old Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared. Nevertheless, one cannot prepare for all contingencies but Man is very intelligent and adaptive, that is unless he is bred and taught to believe he cannot. That only the Great Masters of government can save and provide- wait a minute, that sounds an awful lot like a religion, doesn't it?

Trust NO ONE that comes to you and says give up your Freedom and Liberty and I will provide for you, as that lowly being is only after one thing- your enslavement.


Federal DNA database of anyone detained by police advances in Senate

Violence Against Women Act Passes Senate Judiciary Committee With Amendment

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a mark-up of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) reauthorization today. The bill, which expires on September 30, passed out of committee, but an amendment was added that could prevent or delay its passage by the full Senate.

The amendment, introduced by Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), on behalf of Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ), would create a national registry of DNA taken from any person who has been detained by the police, even if the person is not arrested or convicted. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) tried to include a secondary amendment to link the DNA index only to violent felonies, but it was defeated on a straight party-line vote.

Senator Joe Biden (D-DE), the primary sponsor of VAWA in the Senate, said that he feared the DNA amendment could cause a firestorm on the Senate floor that would delay passage of VAWA. Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) said that he feared it was a poison pill. Senator Leahy said that he is worried that whole classes of people, such as Latinos or Muslims, will be rounded up and their DNA will be recorded in the registry. Senators Arlen Specter (R-PA), chair of the Judiciary Committee, and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) pledged to try to work out a compromise on the amendment before the bill reaches the floor, which is expected before the end of the month. (See Title Link for Source)
Do not worry, the paragons of Liberty and Freedom, Biden and Specter are on the job to fuck, I mean protect you, and more can be found via this link, but, just remember these words:

"What is the matter officer? I was not speeding..."


06 September, 2005

Little Buddy and Skipper are together again.

Bob Denver, TV's Gilligan, Dead at 70

By JOHN ROGERS, Associated Press Writer
Tue Sep 6, 4:10 PM ET

Bob Denver, whose portrayal of goofy castaway Gilligan on the 1960s TV show "Gilligan's Island" made him an iconic figure to generations of TV viewers, has died. He was 70.

His wife, Dreama, and children Patrick, Megan, Emily and Colin were with Denver, who also had undergone quadruple heart bypass surgery earlier this year.

"He was my everything and I will love him forever," Dreama Denver said in a statement.

Denver's signature role was Gilligan, but when he took the role in 1964 he was already widely known to TV audiences for another iconic character, Maynard G. Krebs, the bearded beatnik friend of Dwayne Hickman's Dobie in the "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis," which aired on CBS from 1959 to 1963.
Damn, now I feel old...



Nuff said...


03 September, 2005

War On Guns has the latest link up to 1955 Guns Magazine

David Codrea's War On Guns has the link up for the 1955 Guns Magazine PDF, and some other very good posts, go and grab it while you can and then spend some time reading his blog.


Police- To Protect and Serve

And how some of it was done (5.6MB Download WMV Video) in New Orleans this past week...


02 September, 2005

Tooth, Dentist, and Lidocaine

I just had to have a wisdom tooth extracted, and was given Lidocaine before the procedure, and man oh man what a buzz this drug (and whatever else was mixed in the injection- I do not remember what he said) has given me- I have not felt this euphoric in a long time.

I think I will see what the effects of mixing some Jim Beam with this does (and I rarely, rarely drink anymore).

I just cannot get rid of this grin, so Nate, in honor of Friday, here is lifting my cup to you!


PS - Thank Microsoft for the spell checker...

01 September, 2005

New Orleans Cops Ordered Back to Streets

By ROBERT TANNER, AP National Writer
1 hour, 19 minutes ago

NEW ORLEANS - Managers at the Covenant Home nursing center were prepared to cope with power outages and supply shortages following Hurricane Katrina. They weren't ready for looters.

The nursing home lost its bus after the driver surrendered it to carjackers. Groups of people then drove by the center, shouting to residents, "Get out!"

On Wednesday, 80 residents, most of them in wheelchairs, were evacuated to other nursing homes in the state.

"We had excellent plans. We had enough food for 10 days," said Peggy Hoffman, the home's executive director. "Now we'll have to equip our department heads with guns and teach them how to shoot."
Better late than never...


30 August, 2005

Shepard Smith put in his place.

F-bomb dropped on Fox's Shepard Smith
Hurricane hostage uses obscene word in Katrina coverage

During Fox News coverage of Hurricane Katrina this afternoon, a man being interviewed by Shepard Smith dropped the F-word bomb on the reporter.

Smith, who was reporting via telephone from the Royal Sonesta Hotel on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, noted that people were still drinking and gambling at video-game machines as the hurricane was approaching.

When he asked one man what he was doing there at the hotel, the man responded, "None of your f---ing business."


29 August, 2005

Links I have been meaning to post

It has become very busy again, and I wanted to post these links I have been saving over the past week:
United Nations - Food Force review
Games reviews > Strategy game reviews > United Nations Food Force
disaster relief game from the UN (12/08/2005)

Believe it or not the United Nations World Food Programme has become a games publisher. Head to its Web site and you can download this game, Food Force, free of charge, although please note that it's 227MB for the PC version or 198MB for the Mac fraternity, so you'll need a Broadband connection.
And for those staying up late to play the above crap:
By Mark Henderson, Science Correspondent

The clouding effects of sleep deprivation on the brain can be reversed by a new drug developed with funding from the United States military.

Tests on monkeys found that when the animals were denied sleep for the equivalent of three days in human beings, the drug, CX717, temporarily restored their performance at mental tasks to normal levels.
Now, for three on Illiegal Aliens from Mexico:
And of Course, we will need to think about paying for all of this:
But, is this really all neccessary, and are the facts true? Many times those with the supposed facts say so:
It appears to be all about science. After five days of WHO-think on health prevention at the Bangkok Global Conference on Health Promotion, it would be easy to conclude that science is the foundation for everything that the World Health Organization (WHO) does on health promotion. Wherever you look there are references to the scientific basis of health promotion and how everything that is done by WHO's health promoters meets the standards of modern medicine by being "evidence-based". But the scientific basis of WHO's health promotion is about as genuine and as sturdy as a Potemkin village. It makes impressive copy in all of WHO's conference press releases and it adds a veneer of respectability to the more controversial and dangerous of WHO's plans, but in reality it has little to do with real science or with medicine that is based on the evidence of best practices. That's because genuine science is fundamentally at odds with health promotion. Or to put it slightly differently, just as health promotion is a menace to the health of the developing world so it is a menace to real science. There are two reasons for this.
And if the above is true, and we are lied to all of the time, it really makes you wonder, just exactly what our masters- I mean selfless servants, are really trying to do:
A judge infuriated by youth violence stunned a Boston court when he set bail for a 12-year-old boy accused of firing a gun on a street corner at $250,000 (£140,000).
But, then again, I am paranoid, and just see all of this as no more than manipulation:
During a much-quoted radio broadcast in October 1939, Winston Churchill commented on the surprise Soviet invasion of Eastern Poland ? an invasion that closely followed the German attack from the west, which triggered World War II. In his radio broadcast, Churchill said of Russia that it was ?a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.? Of course, it was only a mystery to Churchill because, until the invasion, he did not understand why the Soviets and Nazis had signed a pact that made partners of Stalin and Hitler. Using Churchill?s own words as a springboard, however, we can devise a parallel aphorism by blending in the advice given by Niccolò Machiavelli in his political treatise, The Prince. In our new Machiavellian aphorism, we may say that ?the practice of politics in the United States is a lie wrapped in hypocrisy inside a half-truth.? As we shall see, this neatly characterizes the behavior of most U.S. politicians for the past century.
I do not know about you dear reader, but I am truly disgusted with all of this crap...


Skynet becomes self aware on August 29th 1997 2:14 am Eastern Time.

Now, when do my children?


22 August, 2005

Thirteen years ago today - II

CSMK sent me a reminder about this post from a few years ago, and I decided that it should be posted today, instead of waiting and using it next year...


From: csmke...@flash.net (Sam A. Kersh)
Subject: Re: viz Weaver was Re: Branch Davidians suing Reno, FBI, ATF
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rosel...@idt.net wrote:

>c...@mciworld.com (Christopher Morton) wrote:
>>On Wed, 21 Jul 1999 03:41:55 GMT, rosel...@idt.net wrote:
>>I'm sure that if you ask him, Secret [Pedophile] Squirrel of the
>>National Alliance will say the same things about the Jews in the
>>Warsaw Ghetto.
>Pure poppycock.
>Weaver had a reasonable duty to comply with WHATEVER duly consitituted
>law enforcement authorities demanded. And IF law enforcement were
>outside their bounds, acted in arbitrary or illegal manner, then
>weaver's day in court, PLUS (I'm sure) a hundred attorneys just
>itching to "get" the goverment would have been beating a path to his
>door to aid him.
>Courts decide the merits. Weaver CHOOSE not to accept that "rule of


The Randy Weaver story began sometime in 1989. There is no record
as to when the ATF decided to target Randy Weaver for an "illegal
weapons" sale. We do know that on October 24, 1989, he sold two
shotguns, the barrels of which might have been 1/4" under the 18"
minimum "legal"1 length.

The two 12ga. shotguns, one an H&R single shot and the other a
Remington pump, were sold to a "good friend" who asked Weaver to
shorten the barrels. Weaver did not know the "good friend" was an
undercover ATF informant.

For reasons of their own, ATF did nothing for 8 months. Then
Weaver was approached by two ATF agents who made him "an offer he
couldn't refuse." That offer was to spy on the Aryan Nations or go
to jail. Weaver refused to be intimidated. Six months later he
was indicted on the weapons charge.

On January 17, 1991, Randy and Vici, his wife, started into town to
purchase supplies. They came across a pickup truck with its hood
up. The vehicle appeared stalled. A man and a woman flagged
Weaver down. As Randy stepped out of his vehicle, ATF agents
swarmed out of the camper on the back of the "stalled" pickup.
They knocked Vici to the ground and placed a cocked 9mm pistol
against Randy's neck.

Weaver was then taken before a federal magistrate for arraignment.
It was later learned that the magistrate cited the wrong law in
charging Weaver. Weaver was released on bond. He and Vici
returned to their cabin, vowing never to have any more dealings
with the federal court system.

A hearing was placed on the docket of the Federal Court in Moscow,
Idaho. Weaver was notified by letter to appear on March 20, 1991.
Unfortunately, the actual hearing date was February 20, 1991. The
U.S. Marshall Service believed, at this point, that the case was a
bust. But when Weaver failed to appear in March, U.S. Attorney Ron
Howen decided to take a chance and go to the grand jury. Weaver
was indicted for failure to appear.

Normal procedure would have been to revoke Weaver's bail bond,
issue an arrest warrant an pick Weaver up. Instead, the Marshall
Service began what they referred to as "Operation Northern
Exposure." The operation consisted of teams of marshals hidden
around the cabin, jet reconnaissance over flights for aerial photo
analysis by the Defense mapping Agency and high revolution video
which was used to gather 160 hours of film. This surveillance went
on for sixteen months at a cost of $13,000 a week.

Finally, the Marshal Service brought in U.S. Marshal William Degan
to "plan a successful conclusion of the job."

Degan, a member of the Special Operations Group, was leading the
assault on August 21, 1992. The marshals were dressed in
camouflage uniforms and face masks. They were armed with
semi-automatic pistols and M16s. Degan carried a suppressed MS5
light machine gun.

Knowing that the Weaver's owned dogs, the marshals tossed some
rocks toward the cabin. Striker, Sammy Weaver's golden retriever,
barked and went to the noise. Sammy and Kevin Harris thought
Striker had jumper a deer. They picked up their rifles and
followed to dog.

Suddenly a marshal fired a burst and killed Striker. Sammy fired
toward the agent. Randy heard the gun fire and yelled at Sammy to
return to the cabin. Sammy answer "I'm coming ,Dad." He turned
and started running toward the cabin when Degan cut him down with
a burst from his machine gun. One bullet hit Sammy in the arm, a
second hit the boy in the back, killing him instantly. Kevin
Harris, using a bolt action Remington 721, shot William Degan in
the chest. Degan died almost instantly.

Randy, Vici and their daughters were still at the cabin. Keep in
mind that Harris' shot killing Degan was the last shot fired by
anyone not a federal agent.

Later that day, under the cover of darkness, Harris and Randy went
out and recovered Sammy's body. They placed it in the out-building
adjacent to the cabin. They then washed the body, then returned to
the cabin.

At this point, any honorable intentions the government may have had
were abandoned. With a boy and a marshal dead, the government
spinmeisters went into high gear. The feds spent the next 16
months, from the beginning of the siege until the Weaver/Harris
trial in Federal court painting Randy as a racist (white
supremacist vs. a separatist), an anti-semitic and a criminal.
They magically transformed his 2x4 and plywood shack into a
"mountain fortress" then a bunker and finally a "stronghold
protected by a cache of 15 weapons and ammunition capable of
piercing armored personnel carriers." As a matter of fact, none of
Weaver's firearms are on the list of banned "assault weapons" in
the Crime Control Act of 1994.

The marshals told the press that Harris fired first and that he had
kept them pinned down with one bolt action rifle against full-auto
M16s and MS5 light machine guns.

Degan's death triggered a call that brought in reinforcements.
Soon Weaver's cabin was surrounded by FBI, ATF, U.S. marshals,
Idaho State and local police plus National Guard troops.

Richard Rogers was in command of the contingent of the FBI Hostage
Rescue Team2 which were deployed as snipers around the cabin.
Rogers, while in flight to Ruby Ridge, rewrote the "Rules for
Engagement." Normally, federal law enforcement personnel may fire
only when facing death or grievous harm. This is generally taken
to mean they will return fire but not initiate it. Rogers new
orders were literally a death warrant for the adults, both male and

The new rules read:

"If any adult in the compound is observed with a weapon after the
surrender announcement is made, deadly force can and should be
employed to neutralize the individual."

The new rules further stated "If any male is observed with a weapon
prior to the announcement, deadly force can and should be employed
if the shot can be taken without endangering the children."

Gene Glenn, the FBI agent in overall command, told the New york
Times that Weaver was holding the children hostage. This is the
same ploy the Feds later used at Waco.

The Feds still did not have any negotiators present nor had any
attempt be made to contact the Weavers when Randy, Sara, his oldest
daughter and Kevin harris left the cabin to go to the shed were
Sammy's body lay.

The FBI sniper, Lon Horiuchi, would later testify in court that he
"could hit within a ¬" of a mark at 200" yards. But on this date
his shooting was no were near that good. Horiuchi placed the scope
cross hairs on Randy Weaver's spine just below the where the neck
and shoulders joined. The bullet missed its mark and hit him in
the arm instead. When asked in court did he intend to kill Weaver,
Horiuchi answered "Yes, sir."

Sara jumped between her father and Horiuchi. She later told Jess
Walters, a reporter for the 'Spokesman Review', "If they were going
to shoot someone, I was going to make them shoot a kid."

Sara continued to shield her father and pushed him back to the
cabin with Harris following. Sara and Randy moved past Vici who
was standing in the cabin doorway. As Harris moved by Vici, who
was holding their 10 month old daughter, Horiuchi fired again,
striking Vici in the head. Bone fragments from her skull struck
Kevin Harris, critically wounding him.

Later, the FBI made several contradictory statements. In an
internal report, the FBI indicated that Vici was indeed the
intended target. This seems to be verified by the claim made by Bo
Gritz, a former Viet Nam war hero called in to negotiate at
Weaver's insistence. Gritz stated that he had seen a FBI profile
which instructed the agents "to take Vici Weaver out if the
opportunity arose." They told the press that they did not know
Horiuchi had killed Vici Weaver, but they also told a 'New York
Times' stringer they were "using a listening device that allowed
them to hear conversations, and even heard the baby's cries in the

Jess Walter's story of his interview with Sara Weaver continued
"Elisheba cried all night. She was saying 'Mama, mama, mama.' Dad
was crying and saying 'I know baby. Your momma's gone."

And like Waco, the FBI began a pyops operation; that is
psychological warfare. "They come out late at night and say, 'Come
out and talk to us, Mrs. Weaver,' or 'Good morning, Randall. How'd
you sleep? We're having pancakes. What are you having?"

After word of Vici's death got out to the media, the Feds claimed
she was killed "in an exchange of gunfire." But the only gunfire
had been the two shots fire by agent Horiuchi.

Kevin harris' condition continued to worsen, and on August 30, 1992
he surrendered. The following day Randy Weaver walked out of the
cabin and gave up.

The federal agencies continued to vilify Weaver and Harris to the
press. They apparently believed if they could convict Weaver in
the press, they could convict him in court.

Gerry Spence, the lawyer for both Harris and Weaver, did not put on
any defense. Instead, he merely cross examined the federal agents.
The half-truths and out-right lies told under oath convinced the
jury to find Weaver guilty of only one charge, failure to appear in
court on the very same weapons charge they found him not guilty of
committing. Harris also was found not guilty. Rather, the jury
found that the Weaver/Harris' had acted in self defense.

To this very day, the AFT and FBI continue to lie to the news media
and the public over their actions at Ruby Ridge. This can not be
tolerated for any reason.

1 A shotgun barrel under 18" is not illegal. Under the National
Firearms Act of 1934, it does require the firearm be registered
with the ATF and a fee be paid. The Supreme Court case of the U.S.
vs Staples in 1939 was over non-payment of the fee, not the
legality of "sawed-off" shotguns.

2 The FBI Hostage Rescue Teams were under Larry Pott's supervision
at Ruby Ridge. Agent Richard Rogers was AIC during the siege, but
this does not mitigate Pott's responsibility, especially since he
used the same tactics during the Waco Invasion.

REFERENCES: The National Rifleman The Wall Street Journal The New
York Times Guns & Ammo Magazine The Spokesman Review The San
Antonio Express-News
Sam A. Kersh
NRA Life Member
TSRA Life Member
LEAA Life Member
Gun Owners of America

"Among other evils which being unarmed brings
you, it causes you to be despised."

The Prince
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