29 April, 2004

Safety is just an Illusion (Just a quick post really- to start off with.)

I recently had to serve jury duty. It was actually jury empanelment, but it took two of my business days.

On the second day, we had to be at the courthouse, and before going through the metal detectors, I emptied my pants, vest and shirt pockets of all metal items:

1. Swiss Army Pocket Knife Knock-Off w/ 1½� Blade, Philips & Flat Head Screw Driver, Corkscrew, Bottle Opener, and Scissors w/ ½� Blade (if that).
2. Buck Knife Mini-Tool (Really a small Needle-Nose Pliers)
3. Leatherman Wave
4. Keys
5. Surefire E-2 (which the Deputy really liked)
6. Mobile w/ Hands-Free Set
7. Six Inch IºMark Braided Stainless Steel Pen (which the Deputy really liked)
8. Glasses Case

I had left the weapons in the vehicle, but low and behold, what do they give me, but a receipt for pick-up for when I leave for items 1, 2, and 3. Yes, I was able to keep the rest and I never had to take off my vest (even though I set off the metal detector).

The Deputy told me: “Ain’t 9/11 grand?� I told him yes, especially since they hadn’t caught anyone…

There is more coming soon.

Until then, remember, just because your paranoid, it does mean that they are out to get you.