30 August, 2005

Shepard Smith put in his place.

F-bomb dropped on Fox's Shepard Smith
Hurricane hostage uses obscene word in Katrina coverage

During Fox News coverage of Hurricane Katrina this afternoon, a man being interviewed by Shepard Smith dropped the F-word bomb on the reporter.

Smith, who was reporting via telephone from the Royal Sonesta Hotel on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, noted that people were still drinking and gambling at video-game machines as the hurricane was approaching.

When he asked one man what he was doing there at the hotel, the man responded, "None of your f---ing business."


29 August, 2005

Links I have been meaning to post

It has become very busy again, and I wanted to post these links I have been saving over the past week:
United Nations - Food Force review
Games reviews > Strategy game reviews > United Nations Food Force
disaster relief game from the UN (12/08/2005)

Believe it or not the United Nations World Food Programme has become a games publisher. Head to its Web site and you can download this game, Food Force, free of charge, although please note that it's 227MB for the PC version or 198MB for the Mac fraternity, so you'll need a Broadband connection.
And for those staying up late to play the above crap:
By Mark Henderson, Science Correspondent

The clouding effects of sleep deprivation on the brain can be reversed by a new drug developed with funding from the United States military.

Tests on monkeys found that when the animals were denied sleep for the equivalent of three days in human beings, the drug, CX717, temporarily restored their performance at mental tasks to normal levels.
Now, for three on Illiegal Aliens from Mexico:
And of Course, we will need to think about paying for all of this:
But, is this really all neccessary, and are the facts true? Many times those with the supposed facts say so:
It appears to be all about science. After five days of WHO-think on health prevention at the Bangkok Global Conference on Health Promotion, it would be easy to conclude that science is the foundation for everything that the World Health Organization (WHO) does on health promotion. Wherever you look there are references to the scientific basis of health promotion and how everything that is done by WHO's health promoters meets the standards of modern medicine by being "evidence-based". But the scientific basis of WHO's health promotion is about as genuine and as sturdy as a Potemkin village. It makes impressive copy in all of WHO's conference press releases and it adds a veneer of respectability to the more controversial and dangerous of WHO's plans, but in reality it has little to do with real science or with medicine that is based on the evidence of best practices. That's because genuine science is fundamentally at odds with health promotion. Or to put it slightly differently, just as health promotion is a menace to the health of the developing world so it is a menace to real science. There are two reasons for this.
And if the above is true, and we are lied to all of the time, it really makes you wonder, just exactly what our masters- I mean selfless servants, are really trying to do:
A judge infuriated by youth violence stunned a Boston court when he set bail for a 12-year-old boy accused of firing a gun on a street corner at $250,000 (£140,000).
But, then again, I am paranoid, and just see all of this as no more than manipulation:
During a much-quoted radio broadcast in October 1939, Winston Churchill commented on the surprise Soviet invasion of Eastern Poland ? an invasion that closely followed the German attack from the west, which triggered World War II. In his radio broadcast, Churchill said of Russia that it was ?a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.? Of course, it was only a mystery to Churchill because, until the invasion, he did not understand why the Soviets and Nazis had signed a pact that made partners of Stalin and Hitler. Using Churchill?s own words as a springboard, however, we can devise a parallel aphorism by blending in the advice given by Niccolò Machiavelli in his political treatise, The Prince. In our new Machiavellian aphorism, we may say that ?the practice of politics in the United States is a lie wrapped in hypocrisy inside a half-truth.? As we shall see, this neatly characterizes the behavior of most U.S. politicians for the past century.
I do not know about you dear reader, but I am truly disgusted with all of this crap...


Skynet becomes self aware on August 29th 1997 2:14 am Eastern Time.

Now, when do my children?


22 August, 2005

Thirteen years ago today - II

CSMK sent me a reminder about this post from a few years ago, and I decided that it should be posted today, instead of waiting and using it next year...


From: csmke...@flash.net (Sam A. Kersh)
Subject: Re: viz Weaver was Re: Branch Davidians suing Reno, FBI, ATF
Date: 1999/07/21
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rosel...@idt.net wrote:

>c...@mciworld.com (Christopher Morton) wrote:
>>On Wed, 21 Jul 1999 03:41:55 GMT, rosel...@idt.net wrote:
>>I'm sure that if you ask him, Secret [Pedophile] Squirrel of the
>>National Alliance will say the same things about the Jews in the
>>Warsaw Ghetto.
>Pure poppycock.
>Weaver had a reasonable duty to comply with WHATEVER duly consitituted
>law enforcement authorities demanded. And IF law enforcement were
>outside their bounds, acted in arbitrary or illegal manner, then
>weaver's day in court, PLUS (I'm sure) a hundred attorneys just
>itching to "get" the goverment would have been beating a path to his
>door to aid him.
>Courts decide the merits. Weaver CHOOSE not to accept that "rule of


The Randy Weaver story began sometime in 1989. There is no record
as to when the ATF decided to target Randy Weaver for an "illegal
weapons" sale. We do know that on October 24, 1989, he sold two
shotguns, the barrels of which might have been 1/4" under the 18"
minimum "legal"1 length.

The two 12ga. shotguns, one an H&R single shot and the other a
Remington pump, were sold to a "good friend" who asked Weaver to
shorten the barrels. Weaver did not know the "good friend" was an
undercover ATF informant.

For reasons of their own, ATF did nothing for 8 months. Then
Weaver was approached by two ATF agents who made him "an offer he
couldn't refuse." That offer was to spy on the Aryan Nations or go
to jail. Weaver refused to be intimidated. Six months later he
was indicted on the weapons charge.

On January 17, 1991, Randy and Vici, his wife, started into town to
purchase supplies. They came across a pickup truck with its hood
up. The vehicle appeared stalled. A man and a woman flagged
Weaver down. As Randy stepped out of his vehicle, ATF agents
swarmed out of the camper on the back of the "stalled" pickup.
They knocked Vici to the ground and placed a cocked 9mm pistol
against Randy's neck.

Weaver was then taken before a federal magistrate for arraignment.
It was later learned that the magistrate cited the wrong law in
charging Weaver. Weaver was released on bond. He and Vici
returned to their cabin, vowing never to have any more dealings
with the federal court system.

A hearing was placed on the docket of the Federal Court in Moscow,
Idaho. Weaver was notified by letter to appear on March 20, 1991.
Unfortunately, the actual hearing date was February 20, 1991. The
U.S. Marshall Service believed, at this point, that the case was a
bust. But when Weaver failed to appear in March, U.S. Attorney Ron
Howen decided to take a chance and go to the grand jury. Weaver
was indicted for failure to appear.

Normal procedure would have been to revoke Weaver's bail bond,
issue an arrest warrant an pick Weaver up. Instead, the Marshall
Service began what they referred to as "Operation Northern
Exposure." The operation consisted of teams of marshals hidden
around the cabin, jet reconnaissance over flights for aerial photo
analysis by the Defense mapping Agency and high revolution video
which was used to gather 160 hours of film. This surveillance went
on for sixteen months at a cost of $13,000 a week.

Finally, the Marshal Service brought in U.S. Marshal William Degan
to "plan a successful conclusion of the job."

Degan, a member of the Special Operations Group, was leading the
assault on August 21, 1992. The marshals were dressed in
camouflage uniforms and face masks. They were armed with
semi-automatic pistols and M16s. Degan carried a suppressed MS5
light machine gun.

Knowing that the Weaver's owned dogs, the marshals tossed some
rocks toward the cabin. Striker, Sammy Weaver's golden retriever,
barked and went to the noise. Sammy and Kevin Harris thought
Striker had jumper a deer. They picked up their rifles and
followed to dog.

Suddenly a marshal fired a burst and killed Striker. Sammy fired
toward the agent. Randy heard the gun fire and yelled at Sammy to
return to the cabin. Sammy answer "I'm coming ,Dad." He turned
and started running toward the cabin when Degan cut him down with
a burst from his machine gun. One bullet hit Sammy in the arm, a
second hit the boy in the back, killing him instantly. Kevin
Harris, using a bolt action Remington 721, shot William Degan in
the chest. Degan died almost instantly.

Randy, Vici and their daughters were still at the cabin. Keep in
mind that Harris' shot killing Degan was the last shot fired by
anyone not a federal agent.

Later that day, under the cover of darkness, Harris and Randy went
out and recovered Sammy's body. They placed it in the out-building
adjacent to the cabin. They then washed the body, then returned to
the cabin.

At this point, any honorable intentions the government may have had
were abandoned. With a boy and a marshal dead, the government
spinmeisters went into high gear. The feds spent the next 16
months, from the beginning of the siege until the Weaver/Harris
trial in Federal court painting Randy as a racist (white
supremacist vs. a separatist), an anti-semitic and a criminal.
They magically transformed his 2x4 and plywood shack into a
"mountain fortress" then a bunker and finally a "stronghold
protected by a cache of 15 weapons and ammunition capable of
piercing armored personnel carriers." As a matter of fact, none of
Weaver's firearms are on the list of banned "assault weapons" in
the Crime Control Act of 1994.

The marshals told the press that Harris fired first and that he had
kept them pinned down with one bolt action rifle against full-auto
M16s and MS5 light machine guns.

Degan's death triggered a call that brought in reinforcements.
Soon Weaver's cabin was surrounded by FBI, ATF, U.S. marshals,
Idaho State and local police plus National Guard troops.

Richard Rogers was in command of the contingent of the FBI Hostage
Rescue Team2 which were deployed as snipers around the cabin.
Rogers, while in flight to Ruby Ridge, rewrote the "Rules for
Engagement." Normally, federal law enforcement personnel may fire
only when facing death or grievous harm. This is generally taken
to mean they will return fire but not initiate it. Rogers new
orders were literally a death warrant for the adults, both male and

The new rules read:

"If any adult in the compound is observed with a weapon after the
surrender announcement is made, deadly force can and should be
employed to neutralize the individual."

The new rules further stated "If any male is observed with a weapon
prior to the announcement, deadly force can and should be employed
if the shot can be taken without endangering the children."

Gene Glenn, the FBI agent in overall command, told the New york
Times that Weaver was holding the children hostage. This is the
same ploy the Feds later used at Waco.

The Feds still did not have any negotiators present nor had any
attempt be made to contact the Weavers when Randy, Sara, his oldest
daughter and Kevin harris left the cabin to go to the shed were
Sammy's body lay.

The FBI sniper, Lon Horiuchi, would later testify in court that he
"could hit within a ¬" of a mark at 200" yards. But on this date
his shooting was no were near that good. Horiuchi placed the scope
cross hairs on Randy Weaver's spine just below the where the neck
and shoulders joined. The bullet missed its mark and hit him in
the arm instead. When asked in court did he intend to kill Weaver,
Horiuchi answered "Yes, sir."

Sara jumped between her father and Horiuchi. She later told Jess
Walters, a reporter for the 'Spokesman Review', "If they were going
to shoot someone, I was going to make them shoot a kid."

Sara continued to shield her father and pushed him back to the
cabin with Harris following. Sara and Randy moved past Vici who
was standing in the cabin doorway. As Harris moved by Vici, who
was holding their 10 month old daughter, Horiuchi fired again,
striking Vici in the head. Bone fragments from her skull struck
Kevin Harris, critically wounding him.

Later, the FBI made several contradictory statements. In an
internal report, the FBI indicated that Vici was indeed the
intended target. This seems to be verified by the claim made by Bo
Gritz, a former Viet Nam war hero called in to negotiate at
Weaver's insistence. Gritz stated that he had seen a FBI profile
which instructed the agents "to take Vici Weaver out if the
opportunity arose." They told the press that they did not know
Horiuchi had killed Vici Weaver, but they also told a 'New York
Times' stringer they were "using a listening device that allowed
them to hear conversations, and even heard the baby's cries in the

Jess Walter's story of his interview with Sara Weaver continued
"Elisheba cried all night. She was saying 'Mama, mama, mama.' Dad
was crying and saying 'I know baby. Your momma's gone."

And like Waco, the FBI began a pyops operation; that is
psychological warfare. "They come out late at night and say, 'Come
out and talk to us, Mrs. Weaver,' or 'Good morning, Randall. How'd
you sleep? We're having pancakes. What are you having?"

After word of Vici's death got out to the media, the Feds claimed
she was killed "in an exchange of gunfire." But the only gunfire
had been the two shots fire by agent Horiuchi.

Kevin harris' condition continued to worsen, and on August 30, 1992
he surrendered. The following day Randy Weaver walked out of the
cabin and gave up.

The federal agencies continued to vilify Weaver and Harris to the
press. They apparently believed if they could convict Weaver in
the press, they could convict him in court.

Gerry Spence, the lawyer for both Harris and Weaver, did not put on
any defense. Instead, he merely cross examined the federal agents.
The half-truths and out-right lies told under oath convinced the
jury to find Weaver guilty of only one charge, failure to appear in
court on the very same weapons charge they found him not guilty of
committing. Harris also was found not guilty. Rather, the jury
found that the Weaver/Harris' had acted in self defense.

To this very day, the AFT and FBI continue to lie to the news media
and the public over their actions at Ruby Ridge. This can not be
tolerated for any reason.

1 A shotgun barrel under 18" is not illegal. Under the National
Firearms Act of 1934, it does require the firearm be registered
with the ATF and a fee be paid. The Supreme Court case of the U.S.
vs Staples in 1939 was over non-payment of the fee, not the
legality of "sawed-off" shotguns.

2 The FBI Hostage Rescue Teams were under Larry Pott's supervision
at Ruby Ridge. Agent Richard Rogers was AIC during the siege, but
this does not mitigate Pott's responsibility, especially since he
used the same tactics during the Waco Invasion.

REFERENCES: The National Rifleman The Wall Street Journal The New
York Times Guns & Ammo Magazine The Spokesman Review The San
Antonio Express-News
Sam A. Kersh
NRA Life Member
TSRA Life Member
LEAA Life Member
Gun Owners of America

"Among other evils which being unarmed brings
you, it causes you to be despised."

The Prince
Niccolo Machivelli

21 August, 2005

Thirteen years ago today.

Our government thugs, shot a dog, and the fourteen year-old boy, Sammy Weaver, in the back on his family's property at Ruby Ridge, Idaho.

This was not enough for them, and on August 22nd, Vicki Weaver, his forty-two year old mother, was murdered by FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, through the neck, while she was holding her ten month old child in her arms. Lon Horiuchi has never been prosecuted for either the murder of Sammy and Vicki Weaver, or for his participation, and the use of his skills at Waco, Texas but a few months later.

Sammy's father, and husband of Vicki, Randy Weaver was shot and so was the family friend, Kevin Harris, and for the next ten days, our feral thugs mercilessly taunted what was left of that family, which they accused, and had spread via the major media networks and newspapers, of being "an armed separatist brigade."

So horrible was this "White Separatist" and alleged "Nazi Sympathizer", that they had to use exactly the same tactics and techniques, that we were taught in history class and watched in every war movie about WWII, that was deployed by the Nazi's.

Now, everyone relax, those big bad evil democrats, who ran nearly everything then are gone, as our great saviors- the Republicans, started their major ascent into control in 1994, and now we have G.W. Bush to make sure nothing like this ever happens again, no matter what the Patriot Act I or II say. However, there is one thing each one of my paranoid readers must remember, it was G.W.'s Daddy, George Herbert Walker Bush, who was in power then, and if you do not think these things will happen again, I have some bridges that I wish to sell- cheap! It may not happen under his presidency, but he has made damn sure, no matter what, that it can and will happen again.

Oh, and Lon- you Jack-Booted Thug, one of these days, of this I am sure, you will face justice...


The Water Man sent a new blog in and I am glad that he did.

Many of you are probably already familiar with it, but I was not, until today. It is Michael Yon's Blog, and you can find it here. The first post is a very compelling read, as is the rest of his blog, and more can be discovered about Mr. Yon via Google.

Most of you, that are regular readers, know that I do not think we should be in Iraq, or Afghanistan, instead, we should have told the House of Saud that hey have thirty days to produce bin Laden, his entire family, and their fortunes, and if they did not comply, start with Medina. If that action did not produce the desired results, then I would have turned that entire shithole into a sea of glass.

Nevertheless, our people are in Iraq, and it is good to be able to find for yourself, more than the pabulum spewed from the networks and cable- Mr. Yon's Blog is a source that I find that I like, you just might too?


18 August, 2005

Time to find a new bug killing company

Pest Control Workers To Help Fight Crime

POSTED: 7:56 am EDT August 10, 2005
UPDATED: 1:36 pm EDT August 18, 2005

ORLANDO, Fla. -- One of Central Florida's largest pest control companies has been recruited by police to help fight crime, according to Local 6 News.

Technicians from Truly Nolen Pest Control of America are being trained by local law enforcement to spot anything unusual as they visit customer's homes.

"Our vehicles really get into the bowels of the neighborhood and we're back there where all the homes are, in the cul-de-sacs," Truly Nolen spokesman Barry Murray said. "And part of being a good neighbor is looking out for one another."

The pest control workers will call police if they see something unusual during their stops, according to the report.

"The pest control technicians who are coming to your home to investigate termites don't have any law enforcement capabilities, but if they see some two-legged creatures trying to make their way into your home, they'll call the police." Local 6 News reporter Deborah Garcia said.

"Our point is not to invade people's houses or make them feel like their privacy is being invaded. It's just to try to have an extra set of eyes and ears out there," Truley Nolen worker Ronnie Rachels said.
I am sure this is the case you fucking brown shirt wannabes!

My Paranoid Readers, it is time to learn to mix your own. Further, one should rememeber, just a few household chemicals, mixed in the proper proportions...


Another Web Personality Test

You are elegant, withdrawn, and brilliant.
Your mind is a weapon, able to solve any puzzle.
You are also great at poking holes in arguments and common beliefs.

For you, comfort and calm are very important.
You tend to thrive on your own and shrug off most affection.
You prefer to protect your emotions and stay strong.

Found via Bane Rants.


Just when things clear up

Something comes along and snatches all of your time- simply becasue people heard about it on Good Morning America...

Now, it is not like Microsoft has killed off Windows 2000 and really wants everybody to update to Windows XP now is it?

Nope, they never listen, even when they swear they will do updates, but hear about Disney on GMA, and everyone freaks...


15 August, 2005

It is now thirty-four years

Nixon ended the Gold Standard.

Rot in hell you thief!


14 August, 2005

Controversial Plan Would Force Principals To Learn Spanish


DALLAS - A controversial new proposal would require school officials to learn Spanish in order to better communicate with students and their families. Under the proposal, schools in the Dallas Independent School District that have at least a 50-percent Hispanic student population would require more than bilingual teachers. In fact, principals would be required to learn Spanish within three years.

Anna Paredes, whose 7-year-old son, Juan, attends Reinhardt Elementary, likes the idea. While Paredes is bilingual, her husband speaks only Spanish.

Paredes said the plan makes sense "only because some parents don't speak English, and the children have to translate for the parents."

However, Dallas resident Peggy Neill is opposed to the plan.

"I think [parents] should learn English so they won't speak Spanish all the time at home, and the child has to go to school and learn English," she said. "They're fighting a losing battle. Right?"

Under the proposal, Reinhardt Elementary, with a Hispanic population of 67 percent, would be impacted. The school's principal doesn't speak Spanish.

Still, at least one teacher said a lot of effort is made to communicate with Spanish- speaking parents, from the front office to the counselor's office. The school board will make a final decision on the issue next week.
That DISD school board member that proposed this deserves to be tarred, featherd, and then run out of town on a rail.

I was in Mexico this past week for work, and NO WHERE did I see or hear of any such stupidities. For those that do not know, if you migrate to Mexico, here are just the quick points that Mexico provides on it's site at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Frequently Asked Questions about Nationality

If your question is not on the list below, write to: srejur@sre.gob.mx
  • How can I obtain Mexican nationality?
  • What is a naturalization document?
  • Can I obtain Mexican nationality if I am married to a Mexican?
  • Do I have to do my military service if I have double nationality?
How can I obtain Mexican nationality?

A naturalization document is a legal instrument through which a foreigner acquires Mexican nationality through naturalization. This document confers on the individual the same rights and obligations as any Mexican, except for the right to be elected to a public post.


What is a naturalization document?

As set forth in article 30 section B paragraph II of the Constitution of the United Mexican States and articles 19 and 20 paragraph II of the law of nationality, in order to obtain Mexican nationality, the interested individual must prove (in addition to other requirements) residency in Mexico for at least the two years immediately prior to the date of the application.

This residency must be proven through his/her FM2 or FM3 immigration document which must not expire at any time. The FM2 and FM3 are issued by the Interior Ministry?s National Immigration Institute (www.inami.gob.mx).

Outside of Mexico, the interested individual can go to the Mexican consulate closest to his/her place of residence. With either the FM2 or the FM3, the individual can live and work in Mexico with the necessary permission of the National Immigration Institute.

It is important to note that if Mexican nationality is obtained, the individual must renounce his/her original nationality as per articles 17 and 18 of the law of nationality.


Can I obtain Mexican nationality if I am married to a Mexican?

On March 20, 1998 a constitutional amendment entered into force which enables Mexicans to retain their Mexican nationality. Since that date, individuals with double nationality are exempt from fulfilling the national military service. However, they must attend the local recruiting meetings and request their national military service certificate. They must prove that they have acquired nationality other than Mexican nationality so that the military service certificate is issued to them and to be exempt from active duty.


Do have to do my military service if I have double nationality?

As set forth in article 30 part B paragraph II of the Constitution of the United Mexican States, and articles 17, 19 and 20 paragraph I of the Law of Nationality, nationality can be requested under the following circumstances:

Residency.- The foreigner who wishes to become a naturalized Mexican citizen must prove (among other requirements) that he/she has resided in Mexico for at least the five-year period immediately prior to the date of his/her application (this residency must be proven through the migration forms FM2 or FM3 issued by the Interior Ministry)

In the following cases, the foreigner who wishes to become a naturalized Mexican citizen must prove (among other requirements) residency of two years immediately prior to the date of his/her application:
  • If he/she has children who were born Mexicans.
  • If he/she comes from a Latin American country or from the Iberian peninsula.
  • If he/she is directly descended from an individual who is Mexican by birth.
It is important to note that if Mexican nationality is obtained, the interested party must renounce his/her original nationality.
Read that last paragraph in bold once again:
It is important to note that if Mexican nationality is obtained, the interested party must renounce his/her original nationality.
Do you understand now Anna? Oh, that is right, it is in English, and you do not want your family to be good citizens do you?

Well, let me phrase it more pointedly:

Learn the fucking language of the country you migrate to you ungrateful bitch!

And, out of politeness and for your husband's sake:

Aprende el "chingado" leguaje del pais Emigrante: !Puta mal agradecido!


And if anyone gets a burr up their ass, only responses in English will be replied to. Comments in anything but English will be deleted.

Public finds out what weenies their elected officials are.

Calls Not Completed As Dialed
System shut down after hate calls flood town clerk's office.
By Brynn Grimley
August 10, 2005

The town clerk's telephone lines were disconnected for almost three days starting Friday, Aug. 5, after a syndicated radio talk show host read the phone number on air urging people to "make their feelings known" about the proposed regulated day-labor site application.

"My guess is we had about 81 calls in under 20 minutes," said Viki Wellershaus, town clerk. "Most of the calls were just 'F-You' and then a hang up."

As of Tuesday, Aug. 9, phone lines were still down and it was unclear when they would be reconnected, said Wellershaus.
So, the town clerk shuts down the public telephone lines when he doesn't like the fact that the public spoke with a loud and clear voice in opposition to it's mayors call for creating a "legal" section of town for federal illegals? What a poor soul, as he and others could not call out for their important business, which certainly must take precedence over anything as piddling as public outrage. I am sure that they really wanted to place their lunch orders, book that all important tee time and maybe even check on their families, so what else was their to do, but rely on their mobile phones, of which I am sure that the public does not have those numbers, but also must wonder aloud if the public pays for them too.

I must confess, the most enjoyable comment in the whole article is:
"I think it's unfortunate that some people believe in order to have a debate," said O'Reilly, "they have to incite emotions and batter one side."
Well, guess what Mike, you sure as heck did not have a problem when you first proposed this illegal and emotional piece of legislation did you? You were trying to appeal to certain people?s greed, weren't you? Just like every other scumbag piece of shit politician out their Mike, when the going gets tough, turn into some namby-pamby weasel mouth.

What am I saying, that is a contradiction in terms, because that is the definition of a politician!


Catching Up

As this day and week progresses, you will be seeing more posts as my schedule is returning to a bit or normalcy.

I have added another blog, James Wesley, Rawles blog, found via the Claire Wolfe's Blog and highly suggest visting and spending time there.

For those that have not heard this name before, then I highly recommend getting PATRIOTS and reading it at least a half a dozen times.


10 August, 2005

Are you feeling safe now?

For those that do not know, click on the title, and remember, paranoia is not a state of mind, but something to be lived everyday...


09 August, 2005

A little high tech fun that might peak your interest.

And the Google link on the company.

I must say thank you to the UberGeek for this one.

Oh, and spend some time at the rest of the site, as it is an interesting one...


02 August, 2005

Rotten Boss!

He needs to give me some time off that cheap SOB!

Hey! I am the boss and yes I need some time off, not from blogging, just sixteen to eighteen hour work days.

I will return to my regular anger, disgust, distrust, loathing and outright contempt for those that raise my level of paranoia from it's naturally hightened state, to never using the same clothes twice- by the end of the week (I hope).

If I do not, then understand, I just said this to throw them off the trail...