28 February, 2006

JPFO ALERT: We Warned You


February 28, 2006


In our past alerts concerning the BATFE Congressional hearings (http://www.jpfo.org/alert20060213.htm), we told you to keep your eyes open and watch for betrayal. Pay attention to who defends or justifies the actions of the BATFE. Look for "compromises" that only compromise YOUR rights.

Not surprisingly, we were right to be concerned.

The hearings, originally scheduled for 2pm EST today, were quietly rescheduled to 2:30pm. Additionally, the webcast was dropped, although as of this writing, the link to it is still on the Judiciary web site (http://judiciary.house.gov/schedule.aspx). Callers to the Judiciary received the explanation that the hearing was "...scheduled in a room that did not have webcast equipment."

[We were also reassured that "...the Chairman supports the Second Amendment." Of course, so does Charles Schumer (http://www.jpfo.org/2nd-setup.htm). The real question is, "How MUCH does the Chairman support it?"]

Although the Judiciary promises that the written testimony will be on the site (http://judiciary.house.gov/oversight.aspx?ID=216) (WP NOTE - GO GET REAL ALTERNATIVE TO PLAY THE DAMN SMI EXTENSION THAT THEY ARE HIDING BEHIND) by 5pm EST today, we will have no accurate record of what actually transpired. The testimony, after all, was submitted earlier and does not necessarily reflect the actual testimony. It also does not cover the question and answer period following the testimony.

Due to this "mishap", we have successfully been prevented from seeing and hearing our government justify actions which cannot ethically BE justified (it should be fascinating to see if any alleged "pro-gun" groups try to tell us what great friends we have in Congress!).

It's time to "Boot the BATFE," as well as anyone who would dare defend this rogue agency. Go to http://www.jpfo.org/bootbatfe.htm for more information.

- The Liberty Crew

Thank you for everything, but I have to ask, did you honestly think that they would not screw us as usual- particularly, on this day?


27 February, 2006

Thirteen years ago today.

To start, five deaths were scored by the ferals...


Knowledge about government is power.

GovTrack.us is a nexus of information about the United States Congress, following the status of federal legislation and the activities of your senators and representatives.
Give this website a try- you just might be surprised...


Sure, TIA was closed down.

TIA Lives On

By Shane Harris, National Journal
© National Journal Group Inc.
Thursday, Feb. 23, 2006

A controversial counter-terrorism program, which lawmakers halted more than two years ago amid outcries from privacy advocates, was stopped in name only and has quietly continued within the intelligence agency now fending off charges that it has violated the privacy of U.S. citizens.

Research under the Defense Department's Total Information Awareness program -- which developed technologies to predict terrorist attacks by mining government databases and the personal records of people in the United States -- was moved from the Pentagon's research-and-development agency to another group, which builds technologies primarily for the National Security Agency, according to documents obtained by National Journal and to intelligence sources familiar with the move. The names of key projects were changed, apparently to conceal their identities, but their funding remained intact, often under the same contracts.

It is no secret that some parts of TIA lived on behind the veil of the classified intelligence budget. However, the projects that moved, their new code names, and the agencies that took them over haven't previously been disclosed. Sources aware of the transfers declined to speak on the record for this story because, they said, the identities of the specific programs are classified.

Two of the most important components of the TIA program were moved to the Advanced Research and Development Activity, housed at NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Md., documents and sources confirm. One piece was the Information Awareness Prototype System, the core architecture that tied together numerous information extraction, analysis, and dissemination tools developed under TIA. The prototype system included privacy-protection technologies that may have been discontinued or scaled back following the move to ARDA.
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23 February, 2006

But, In 1468

The man who made it possible, for we the masses to strip the Church of it's monopoly, Johnnas Guttenberg died.


In 1847, Mexico is defeated again.

General Zachary Taylor defeats Santa Anna at the Battle of Beuna Vista in 1847.


And in 1945

Marines take the crest of Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima, and rasie the flag.


Today, it starts.

As Texans gathered in the Alamo, Travis dispatched a hastily scribbled missive to Gonzales: "The enemy in large force is in sight. We want men and provisions. Send them to us. We have 150 men and are determined to defend the garrison to the last."