28 April, 2006

When This Happens, All Else Is Ignored

Mrs. P. had to have surgery, so I have been busy, and as the title says...


20 April, 2006

Which one is the ChiCom?

This headline really pisses me off:

Wenyi Wang charged with disorderly conduct, intimidating foreign official... Still in custody... MORE///

And for when the headline changes:

If you want to see the full size original screen capture, go here.

And if you care to watch the video, where President Bush is expressing real concern for the ChiCom Bastard, go here.

Now, my question, and any other Red-Blooded American's simply ought to be, why the fuck was she charged? Particularly in light of the fact that President Bush had just urged Hu to allow the Chinese to "speak freely".

Yeah, he really meant it- sure he did...


19 April, 2006

April 19th

The following post is an exact copy from last year, and if you have not read it, enjoy, if you have, then perhaps you have forgotten- either way, it is worth the read.

This day in American History has had many occasions to recall:
  • In 1933 - The traitor FDR announced he was further working towards destroying the economy by announcing the US will leave the Gold Standard.
  • In 1861 - Riots occurred in Baltimore, Maryland and the illegal union blockade of the Confederate states starts.
  • In 1995 - The Alfred P. Murray Feral Building, in Oklahoma City is nearly destroyed. (That took extra feral demolition teams to finish the job.)
  • In 1939 - After 148 years, Connecticut approves the Bill of Rights.
  • In 1989 - USS Iowa's gun turret explodes killing 47 crewmen.
  • In 1943 - Though, not US history, the Warsaw Ghetto uprising happens and the starving Jews kick some Nazi ass.
  • In 1993 - The might of the united States government sweeps in with the winds and ends their 51-day siege upon a Church, founded and run by it's citizens in Waco, Texas. Seventy-four (74) men, women and children died from gas, gunshot, and fire by feral agents acting in the name of "We the People." These feral agents received NO punishment for the crimes, as "We the People", though filled with righteous indignation, did nothing, even unto this day.
  • In 1775 - Feral agents of the government came to take our arms away and the "Shot heard round the World" was answered by many great men. One in particular needs mentioning, as I am sure if he had been alive in 1993, he would have done the same thing.
His name was Sam Whittemore and:
"There, before the eyes of his astonished family, Sam methodically loaded his musket and both of his famed dueling pistols, put his powder and ball inside his worn and well-traveled military knapsack, strapped his French saber around his waist, squared his grizzled jaw and, as he strode briskly out the door, simply informed his worried family that he was "going to fight the British regulars" and told them to remain safely indoors until he returned.

Whittemore walked to a secluded position behind a stone wall on Mystic Street, near the corner of what is now Chestnut Street in Arlington, and calmly settled in. Some of the Minutemen pleaded with Whittemore to join them in their safer positions, but he ignored their admonitions. Soon the 47th Regiment of Foot, followed by the main body of British troops, appeared in view. On both sides of Whittemore, Minutemen were shooting at the approaching Redcoats and then sprinting away to where they could reload in safety.

Waiting until the regiment was almost upon him, Whittemore stood up, aimed his musket carefully and fired, killing a British soldier. He then fired both dueling pistols, hitting both of his targets, killing one man outright and mortally wounding another. Not having time to reload his cumbersome weapons, he grabbed his French saber and flailed away at the cursing, enraged Redcoats who now surrounded him. Some of those infuriated soldiers were probably less than one quarter of Sam's 80 years; few, if any, were even half his age.

One Englishman fired his Brown Bess almost point-blank into Whittemore's face, the heavy bullet tearing half his cheek away and knocking him flat on his back. Undaunted, Whittemore attempted to rise and continue the fight, but received no less than 13 bayonet wounds from the vengeful Redcoats. They also mercilessly clubbed his bleeding head and drove their musket butts into his body as they ran by.

When the last Britisher had left the scene and was far enough away for them to come out in safety, the villagers who had seen Whittemore's last stand walked slowly toward the body. To their astonishment, he was still alive and conscious--and still full of fight! Ignoring his wounds, he was feebly trying to load his musket for a parting shot at the retreating regiment.

A door was used as a makeshift stretcher and Whittemore was carried to the nearby Cooper Tavern. Doctor Nathaniel Tufts of Medford stripped away Sam's torn, bloody clothing and was aghast at his many gaping bayonet wounds, the other numerous bruises and lacerations, and his horrible facial injury. According to every medical text Tufts had ever studied and all of his years of experience treating injured people, the old man should have bled to death from internal injuries."
That old glorious bastard did not die though, he lived another eighteen (18) years and when asked if he ever regretted his actions, Sam replied:
"No! I would take the same chance again!"
I wonder how many Sam Whittemore's there are today, because there were none left in the united States in 1993...


14 April, 2006

First the Eldery Woman, then the "Ninja" and now the Photographer.

In the order I read them this week.

1. Eighty-two (82) year old woman ticketed because she is too slow- judge cool with it.
Elderly Woman's Jaywalking Ticket Draws Outrage

(AP) LOS ANGELES Mayvis Coyle got more than just a $114 jaywalking ticket for taking too long to cross a busy street.

With the 82-year-old woman's fine has come international celebrity -- she has camera crews showing up at her home, invitations to appear on television and support from around the world.

"I didn't want all this publicity," Coyle said Thursday. "But I'm not objecting to being used if it gets the lights changed and gets respect for the elderly."

Los Angeles police officials say Coyle entered a busy San Fernando Valley intersection on Feb. 15 after the red "Don't Walk" sign began blinking. They say the department is cracking down on wayward pedestrians because an increasing number of them are being killed by cars.

Coyle says she began shuffling across the intersection with her cane in one hand and groceries in the other on a white "Walk" signal. The great-great-grandmother plans to fight the ticket.
2. Teen Ninja Taken DOWN by F-Troop
(Text from original article I read and embedded in image)
This photo, taken by a student?s camera phone, shows ATF officials pinning down Jeremiah Ransom in front of Snelling dining hall. He was coming from a pirate vs. ninja event at the Wesley Foundation and was not arrested. (Kathleen Ruark The Red & Black)

"Seeing someone with something across the face, from a federal standpoint- that's not right," McLemore said, explaining why agents believed something to be amiss.

3. Two from adovcay group detained for taking pictures of NYPD ignoring parking laws.
Watching the Detectives
The NYPD wants to take your picture?but beware of turning your lens on the cops

by Sarah Ferguson
April 10th, 2006 5:30 PM

Since 2003, the NYPD has been filming protesters at political demonstrations, regardless of whether anything illegal's going on. City lawyers were in court last month defending the practice, arguing that what happens in public view is fair game.

But police evidently aren't so keen on surveillance when the cameras are turned on them?particularly when those cameras show them abusing free-street-parking privileges.

On March 27, two volunteers from the advocacy group Transportation Alternatives were detained for taking pictures of police officers' private cars, which were parked on the sidewalk outside the Fifth Precinct in Chinatown. The volunteers say they were held and questioned at the precinct for about 20 minutes and instructed to erase the pictures.

"It was intimidating. I was afraid they were going to arrest me," says Brian Hoberman, 37, who works as a researcher for the city's Rent Guidelines Board.

Hoberman and a college student had been dispatched by Transportation Alternatives to document the scourge of sidewalk parking around City Hall and Chinatown. "We were told to photograph all the cars on the sidewalk with their license plates, and if they had any parking permits in the windows," Hoberman explains.

They started outside the Fifth Precinct on Elizabeth Street between Canal and Bayard streets, a narrow block where it's customary to find police and others parking with two wheels on the curb. Hoberman says he snapped a shot of an SUV straddling the sidewalk, and was quickly confronted by its owner, a cop in plain clothes.

"He said, 'Do you know this is my car? What are you doing?' " Hoberman recalls. "I told him we weren't targeting police or any particular people's cars, and that it was just a general survey, but he kept haranguing me, so I walked away." Hoberman says he resumed taking pictures, then turned back when he noticed his fellow volunteer being held up by a different officer.

They were asked to come inside the precinct, Hoberman says, where they were grilled by at least three officers. "They asked if we had anything to do with Critical Mass?twice," he says. "They took our driver's licenses and asked us if we had any outstanding warrants."

Hoberman says the officers listed several reasons they could not photograph cops' personal vehicles?including concerns that if the license plate numbers were published online, gang members could track police to their homes. "One officer asked if we were familiar with the gang situation in Chinatown," Hoberman recalls. "He said his tires had been slashed outside the precinct. He said, 'This is not the West Village.' And he mentioned the Patriot Act.
Gotta love that Patriot ACT and the STASSI mentallity that is now so out in the open...


Death to the Tyrant Day!

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the show?


12 April, 2006

As usual, the only one's not able to take responsibility

For your own actions:
DEA Agent Who Shot Self In Foot Sues U.S.
Seeks damages for distribution of humiliating gun accident video

APRIL 11--A Drug Enforcement Administration agent who stars in a popular online video that shows him shooting himself in the foot during a weapons demonstration for Florida children is suing over the tape's release, claiming that his career has been crippled and he's become a laughingstock due to the embarrassing clip's distribution. Lee Paige, 45, blames the video's release on DEA officials in an April 7 federal lawsuit filed against the U.S. government. A copy of the pro se complaint by Paige, a DEA agent since 1990, can be found below. According to the lawsuit, Paige was making a "drug education presentation" in April 2004 to a Florida youth group when his firearm (a Glock .40) accidentally discharged. The shooting occurred moments after Paige told the children that he was the only person in the room professional enough to carry the weapon. The accident was filmed by an audience member, and the tape, Paige claims, was turned over to the DEA. The drug agency subsequently "improperly, illegally, willfully and/or intentionally" allowed the tape to be disseminated. As a result, Paige--pictured above in a still from the video--has been the "target of jokes, derision, ridicule, and disparaging comments" directed at him in restaurants, grocery stores, and airports. Paige, who writes that he was "once regarded as one of the best undercover agents, if not the best, in the DEA," points to the clip's recent airing on popular television shows and via the Internet as the reason he can no longer work undercover. He also notes that he is no longer "permitted or able to give educational motivational speeches and presentations."
No Piage, you were and idiot and had a NEGLIGENT DISCHARGE- your negligence, and no one else's immediately after boasting YOU were the only one there professional enough to carry the .40.

You deserve every ounce of scorn, ridicule, and shame you have received thus far, and now deserve contempt along with it. It is slime, just like you, that pervade that ranks of "government dole" spouting what professionals they are that have ruined this country.

To bad you did not bleed out...



For those that want to see what an idiot Lee Paige is, you can view it here and suggest that your RIGHT CLICK and SAVE AS so you always can show your children what slime really is.


11 April, 2006

Happy Platt & Matix Day!

Today is the twentieth (20) anniversary!

Most of you know my opinion already, but for those that don't, re-read the title...


Happy Birthday

Mr. Sharkey.


09 April, 2006

For Shorty

The pics are posted- hit the title.



Leonard and Dorothy Saye Day

06 April, 2006

English prof: "We gots 2 show the U.S. that they aint (expletive) with out us"

High-school coach fired for aiding illegals' cause
English prof: 'We gots 2 show the U.S. that they aint (expletive) with out us'

Posted: April 6, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2006 WorldNetDaily.com

A junior-varsity baseball coach at Cesar Chavez High School in Houston has been ejected from his sports duties after using his position to advocate the cause of illegal aliens.

Rudy Rios admits he used a district copier to make fliers encouraging Hispanic students to attend a rally protesting restrictions on illegal immigration.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the fliers read: "We gots 2 stay together and protest against the new law that wants 2 be passed against all immigrants. We gots 2 show the U.S. that they aint (four-letter expletive) with out us (sic)."

Rios is an English-as-a-second-language teacher, and is keeping that position despite his ouster from the baseball program.
The article ends with Rudy having to say this:
"They're like, 'When are you coming back? We need you, we want you,'" he told KHOU. "To me that's why I can't let this die and let it go. Because they're asking me, and I teach them and tell them, 'Well, you need to stand up for what you believe, stand up for your rights,' and then the teacher doesn't. Well that sounds to me like double talk."
Yes Rudy,your loyalities are obvious and are defintely the kind of high quality English teacher who justs want to be an immigrant...


04 April, 2006

Rice, Straw call for end to Iraqi deadlock


BAGHDAD - The US and Britain piled pressure on Iraq?s leaders yesterday to break their deadlock over a new government and prime minister as quickly as possible, and to disband religious militias to avoid civil war.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, on the second day of a visit which had not been announced ahead of time, told Iraqi leaders the lack of a government nearly four months after elections was undermining security.

"The Iraqi people are rightly demanding they have a government after they braved the threats of terrorists to go to the polls and vote," Rice said in the fortified Green Zone, the diplomatic and government centre.

"The US and Britain, and others who have forces on the ground and have sacrificed here, have a deep desire and right to expect this process will keep moving forward.

In a democracy you can't have various groups with arms. You have to have the state with a monopoly on power."
Let us read that last quote once more:

"In a democracy you can't have various groups with arms. You have to have the state with a monopoly on power."

What is it that the so many have tried to tell us? Oh yes, that we are a democracy- keenfuly neglecting the word Republic.

Just remember, there is not a tinker's damn worth of difference between either the Repuglicrats or Democrans and that sooner or later, and my bet is on sooner, people will remember what voting from the rooftops means...


Old Fashioned Phone Scamming

I just listened to my answering machine, and had a message that a check card was going to expire, which is curious as I do not use one. So, I double-checked the time to incoming calls on the telephone, and there is nothing there- even more curious. So, I fired up one of the internet phone to check the numbers left to call, and low and behold what to I get:


Wells Fargo

Recording to call 800-918-8255 (TALK)

Now, I do not know if Wells Fargo actually made the orginal call, or if someone is using a faked Wells Fargo recording, but I just thought I would pass this along.

Oh, and if it actually is Wells Fargo, I would not use their banking services if you paid me...