28 June, 2011

Codrea states: "Shocking Breaking Gunwalker News!"

He also said this:
Not that--hell, we expected that. Still to be determined: How many deaths have happened/will still happen on THIS side of the border, as if we'll ever know.

The shocker is ABC News is reporting on it.

The thing is nearly every blog I link to has been asking this for 5+ months in relation to Gunwalker and it is asked nearly everyday- on someones blog. I stated and asked this just last week in my post "...Descent Into Fascism...":
You cannot wash their blood away and what consistently comes to mind is: How many American Citizens names do we NOT know and just HOW MUCH blood is on YOUR HANDS? Not just because of Gunwalker, but because of EVERY un-Constitutional Act you approved, let stand, or enforced! Not just judges, but bureaucrats, police and elected politicians (local, state, federal).
The MSM is slowly waking up, slowly asking questions, but not MOST of them. Most of them are working to protect the murdering vermin of The Swamp- their jobs depend on it, but the local stations do not. This does not mean that they are not as corrupt or corruptible as the MSM but you do not have a better forum than your local press to get the story out and then onto the Internet. Pressure builds and builds. It has been just over six-months since the story broke on the Web thanks to Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea with the help of those men at CleanUPATF.org and there are Congressional Hearings and Senate Investigations!


Get out and do your part (call, write, hound, tell everyone you know), many already have and many continue to do so. Work to see these Murderous Scum receive justice, but not just on Gunwalker- if you do not, IMO, you are tacitly guilty for standing by and doing nothing (whether Burke said it or not- it still stands as a truth).



Posted just a tad early- David Codrea has called out Jon Stewart and rightly so.

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