21 June, 2011

Vox Day: In defense of libertarians

"Cowering frauds" is a term that is best reserved for Republicans, who preach fiscal responsibility while repeatedly raising the debt ceiling, who talk about the importance of respecting the law while permitting Wall Street to openly violate it at will, and who claim to advocate personal freedom while staunchly supporting a futile Prohibition that saw three times more Americans arrested for drugs last year than were arrested in 1980. And speaking of "cowering frauds," where was Miss Coulter when the McCain-Palin ticket suspended its Republican presidential campaign to help the Bush administration collude with the Democratic Senate to ram TARP down the throats of a protesting American public?
Bane, the missing, loved Ann- he called her a goddess. I saw through her after her sham consideration and then spat with the Libertarians when she wanted to run under that banner a few years back (right Ann, you were a real sham). Some, like the missing Bane will think her just confused, and as I told him years ago, I prefer Ilana.

Wake up Ann- you were really good long ago.


PS - Bane, you are missed.

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