08 June, 2011

U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms

We told you foreign jackass thugs when we sent you the flag ten years ago! If you rat-bastards have forgotten, I will remind you of this post of October 4, 2004 that was posted in honor of Texas' Come and Take It Day relating the story of our stated intentions.
Three years ago, when the U.N. had the Conference on Small Arms (UN killed it- here is The Web Archive list), several of us here in Texas decided to send them a gift.

It was sent to this ugly bastard:

You can find more on this bs here (THESE ARE STILL OCCURRING).

This is the thread that got the flag rolling. My friend was very pissed at Mr. Jayantha Dhanapala's comments, and here is the thread on the gift flag.

Oh, and we never received a "Thank You" note from them...

So you go right ahead, UN and Swamp Monsters, do it; but understand this, come for them yourselves you cowards- as this time, we ain't going to be so nice.


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