09 June, 2011

Mexicans fire 100's of rounds at BP, DPS, & TP&WL- at least 3 of them wounded

VIDEO: 3 suspected smugglers injured in shootout near Rio Grande

June 09, 2011 11:26 AM
Staff and wire reports

At least three suspected drug runners were wounded in a shootout with U.S. law enforcement officials this morning in the Rio Grande just south of Abram, according to sources.

The Texas Department of Public Safety said, U.S. law enforcement officers participating in a multi-agency Texas Ranger Recon operation were fired upon from Mexico while attempting to interdict a large drug load, officials said in a news release from the state agency. An exact location was not given.

DPS spokeswoman Tela Mange said she couldn’t disclose whether any U.S. officers from the three participating agencies —Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, U.S. Border Patrol and Texas Rangers — were struck or injured. She said the agents came under "heavy fire" but would not say how long the ensuing shootout lasted.
Waiting to hear more from some friends down there and will see what I can post on this later, but have been told that the Mexicans fired 100's of rounds.



Just received this update - Mexicans tried to get drugs back south, Texas Rangers (DPS) attempted stop of Drug Dealers/Mules. Mexicans fired upon them- both DD's and from across the river. TR's return fire and TP&WL assisted. Border Patrol arrived in River Boats and aided by dumping a whole lot of rounds south. None of our men hurt.

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