14 June, 2011

Ol' Remus has a few words for you (#220)

Eight things to expect under martial law

Societal collapse and, as the faux-genteel put it, civil unrest scenarios are sure to include martial law. When the Department of Education places an order for police-style shotguns, when they mount—and botch—armed home invasions for what used to be routine process serving, when even the Railroad Retirement Board and the Small Business Administration are carrying, the citizen can be excused for thinking the entirety of government is thisclose to going Soviet. But don't look for a declaration of martial law, in the US the term for martial law is state of emergency. A state of emergency was declared during Katrina for instance, by the city of New Orleans and by Louisiana with federal assistance from FEMA. It was, in addition to being de facto martial law, a series of pathetic pratfalls which added to the suffering and death.
Been reading him for a while now, when I can, and today's is well worth sending folks over to.


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