15 June, 2011

MVB states: The Dam Breaks. Oh, Gunwalker, where is thy sting?

The Dam Breaks. Oh, Gunwalker, where is thy sting? Melson and his popcorn. The meeting of Obama's Gunwalker capos & "a goin' jessie."

For those who have been paying attention, the Gunwalker conspirators' cover-up has been reduced to a tattered piece of underwear that wouldn't cover Weiner's little wiener.

First, the testimony of the ATF agents at the hearing today demonstrated that there was no "sting", thus there could not have been a "botched sting." What there was, it seems, was a program to encourage straw purchases and smuggling, but no "sting" by any known meaning of that word. Which begs the question, why? Issa, nettled by Cummings' complaints of a "political agenda" responded by asking if the entire purpose of allowing large numbers of weapons into Mexico didn't itself serve a political purpose? Meaning, of course, further restrictions on American firearm rights. Precisely.
Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea truly deserve heaping praises for their tenacious grip since last December. It was they and the boys at CleanUp ATF that got the ball rolling and are closer and privy to much more information than I and why I want everyone to go read their posts, especially today's from MVB in regards to the Project Gunwalker hearings.

I watched over lunch to see so much fecklessness by certain representatives, Suckass and Lacy to name two, is angering and if you watch, you will understand my earlier post. Moreover, anymore I have nearly ZERO capacity for toleration of such- not just from politicians but those like Weasel Weich as well. However, I want to point out two things from this afternoons hearings- one was Blake Farenthold's suggestion about PRIVATE viewing of documents and then Issa's offer at the end of today's hearings about REDACTION. Remember everyone, they are POLITICIANS.


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