23 June, 2011

Perry Updates: Democrats Spread Texas Gov Conspiracy Theories

Perry Updates: Democrats Spread Texas Gov Conspiracy Theories
by Tom McGregor
Mon, Jun 20, 2011, 08:50 PM

President Barack Obama has launched his $1 billion dollar re-election campaign for the White House, so he can finance creative methods to attack GOP presidential contenders. Accordingly, he’s spreading rumors that Texas Gov. Rick Perry is a so-called puppet of a leftist globalist community that is intent on one world government with the United Nations taking the reins of power. Obama is hoping these rumors can keep Tea Party members from supporting Perry if he receives the Republican nomination.

Here’s an example of an Obama-instigated conspiracy theory about Gov. Perry on the InfoWars.com website, “every indication suggests that Bilderberg-approved Texas Governor Rick Perry is set to become the frontrunner in the Republican race to challenge Barack Obama for the presidency, illustrating once again how a shady, secretive and undemocratic global elite holds the reigns of true power while Americans are distracted by the delusional notion that they have a genuine choice in 2012."
Mr. McGregor, what a load of crap. Perry did try to force MY daughters to use Gardisil, he did and still is PUSHING the Trans Texas

Are EVERY, or even one of the above the Democrats and Muslim Kenyan's minions? How about your GUEST VIEWPOINT Columnist Paul D. Perry (a registered Republican who ran for Chair of the Republican Party of Texas in 2008), whose articles you consistently publish and which the latest calls into question the actions over HB1937? How about this article by Mr. Perry from 2007?
The governor must be impeached

February 4, 2007

Paul D. Perry, The Daily Light

The governor’s mandate of the HPV vaccine is indicative of a man who has lost touch with the citizens of our state.

As reported in DallasBlog.com, Merck’s Gardasil (HPV) vaccine already has been under fire nationally from the National Vaccine Information Center, which claims that “Merck’s clinical trials did not prove the human papillomavirus vaccine designed to prevent cervical cancer and genital warts is safe to give to young girls.” NVIC cites the trial studies as showing there were serious problems with adverse reaction to the shots: “Nearly 90 percent of Gardasil recipients ... followed-up for safety reported one or more adverse events within 15 days of vaccination, particularly at the injection site. Pain and swelling at injection occurred in approximately 83 percent of Gardasil” recipients. A majority of the young women who received Gardasil complained about “serious adverse events such as headache, gastroenteritis, appendicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, asthma, bronchospasm and arthritis,” according to NVIC.

This vaccine is very questionable and has not been in use long enough for there to be a comfort factor with many parents. What will it do to growing bodies long term? I am not opposed to vaccines in general, but the governor can count me as a one dissatisfied constituent on this one.

At best this move is irresponsible, at worst, it reeks of the odor of quid pro quo like some of the governor’s other moves. Why was the legislature circumvented by the executive in this case? The legislature had just now convened and had not had time to even visit the vaccine issue in full. A rational person should ask the question, just what was promised to the governor here?

Will big pharma dollars now back the governor’s future aspirations? A vice presidential nomination seems to be being talked about in Austin. The taxpayer- and property owner-hostile, foreign profiteer-backed Trans-Texas Corridor also comes to mind; Cintra-Zachary would no doubt love to keep the governor on the friends list. Why is it necessary to legislate away normal state and federal constitutional protections to build a road, Guv? It appears large interests can have all the friends they can afford, especially in Texas.

While the governor’s picked committee on appraisal reform came forward with a few decent suggestions concerning spending limitation, the overall report was at best anemic. They did not address the imbalances in the appeal process, for instance. In meetings all over the state I hear taxpayers suggest moving lesser dollar appeals to the JP courts. The governor’s committee proposal suggesting the appointment of Central Appraisal District representatives by the district judges and calling them “taxpayer representatives” would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. All over the state, Texans called for at least some members of both Appraisal and Appeals Boards to be popularly elected. I know that some members of the committee were people of good will, but a reasonable person could wonder how stacked the committee was with the governor’s own cronies.

The arrogance over the vaccine issue seals it. The governor must be impeached.

I wish we didn’t share a last name.

Paul D. Perry is a resident of Ellis County and former Ellis County Justice of the Peace for Pct. 4.
Yes, anyone who points out the truth about Rick Perry must be on the Muslim Kenyan's payroll, doing everything they can to get a piece of that $1 Billion- even going back in time to write these articles!

The Muslim Kenyan did not instigate a damn thing- Perry's actions have.

Fess up and admit Mr. McGregor, this piece was strictly penned to undermine the truth. Has all this time you've been sitting in China dulled your sense of propriety and truth? Or are family ties dictating this?


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