21 January, 2011

The shadow war for the truth. "Management culture of ATF holds no regard for the life and/or safety of front line agents." STAND DOWN THE ATF!

From Sipsey Street:
Shadow war.

When I wrote the post below -- "Yogi Berra was right. Rumor of a big, bad ATF bust early next week." -- around midnight last night, I was acutely aware of the slippery ground upon which this shadow war for the truth of Operation Gunwalker and the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry is being fought.

Rumors can be -- and often are -- floated like dye in the sewer, just to see where it goes to close down leaks. Given the high stakes of the games being played behind the scenes by the White House and their Justice Department minions desperate to stop the truth from coming out, this is certainly a concern. But when a rumor -- any rumor -- comes from multiple sources, sources which have always been right in the past, sources who do not know each other, it is less likely to be disinformation dye and more likely to be the real turd.
Expect stupidity, incompetence and lies from F-Troop as they got their own killed before and I expect the same in the future.

Though, what amazes me the most, is why the Border Patrol Agents Union is not screaming louder for answers because this relates directly to the murder of BP Agent Brian Terry.



Crotalus said...

Henry Bowman! Paging Henry Bowman!

WP said...


Hasn't he been paged for the past 15 years?