16 January, 2011

BPA Brian Terry left to bleed while illegal airlifted out?

A Serious question about Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death
By Coach Collins, on January 16th, 2011
By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

On deep background, entirely off the record, and without any proper names for attribution, I simply still am compelled to report this story of alleged bureaucratic horror and alleged American death in the forsaken Arizona Peck Canyon region on the night of December 14, 2010, when U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry died after a firefight with armed Mexican drug cartel members.

My journalism professor in the 50's told us to never discount a rumor. "There's always a germ of truth in any rumor you're told," he said. "While it may not be exactly what happened, don't ignore it, dig for the truth."

Now my source in the AZ border region tells me a story so upsetting I am without words. But here it goes:

"Bottom line: A series of bad Border Patrol/Department of Homeland Security procedures, policies, and protocol, all designed to protect Mexican criminals inside the U.S., most likely resulted in the needless death of Agent Brian Terry on the night of Dec. 14, 2010." The word is out that when Agent Terry and the illegal alien, a bandit, twice deported, who assaulted another Phoenix cop, were wounded in their shootout, the decision was made to airlift out the alien on the only BORSTAR helicopter available in that desolate region of the U.S. Now under a very strict gag order by brass in D.C., Nogales, and Tucson, agents have been threatened with firings, job termination, if “they are caught talking about the facts of Terry's murder!" The tipster then goes on to relate that Terry, a legal U.S. citizen, one of our own law enforcement men, finally was loaded onto some desert transport overland vehicle and driven out somewhere where another copter was parked. Terry died; the illegal drug cartel Mexican national who got first medical priority, of course, lived!

The unconfirmed and un-attributable source then concludes, "Agent Terry reportedly waited many minutes-up to 1/2 hour-before they flew him out of the canyon region." Terry appears to have "died en route to the hospital!"
I am waiting to hear back from some sources to verify or debunk this, however, gut instinct from other things I know- it sounds true.


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