18 January, 2011

San Juan police seize Mexico-bound combat helmets & ammo

San Juan police seize Mexico-bound combat helmets & ammo
by Katie Lopez

Posted: 01.17.2011 at 11:31 PM

San Juan police told Action 4 News they found items that no ordinary citizen should be in possession of mere feet from an elementary school.

"The only type of person who should have this is law enforcement," said Sgt. Rudy Luna. "We will find out where he got this and who sold this to him."

50 ballistic helmets, 26 high powered rifle magazines, over 600 rounds of ammunition, and 24 pairs of tactical boots were all found inside a home in the 7,000 block of Fern Street Sunday afternoon.

Police told Action 4 News to buy these items a person has to have a special license and the man in possession of these items did not.

"You have to show proof of law enforcement," said Luna. "It is under investigation of how he gained possession of this equipment."
Katie, Sergeant Rudy Luna may earnestly wish it to be so, but it is there is no such law on Texas's books UNLESS the man arrested was a felon, and tha is federal law. Moreover, if there was such a law on Texas' books- then why NO charges yet?

Oh, and Katie if you doubt me, visit any SAXET Gun Show, there is ALWAYS body armor and ballistic helmets for sale. It appears you just missed your chance- but another is coming in four weeks.

As for everyone else, hit the link and go watch, as this well fed "Only One", makes his statements.

And as to both of you, I did not bring up Mexico, as you offered NO PROOF- just speculation, and speculating is easy, isn't it?


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