19 January, 2011

Federal charges filed in San Juan cartel body armor case

Federal charges filed in San Juan cartel body armor case
by Katie Lopez
Posted: 01.18.2011 at 7:08 PM

Luna said, yes it is legal to buy and sell these items, but why does one person need 50 ballistic helmets, over 600 rounds of ammunition, and 24 pairs of tactical boots.

"It serves no purpose of someone owning all of this if you're just going to have them at the house," said Luna.

Luna said he has heard it all----he said for those who say this person might have bought these items wholesale and are going to sell them at the flea market---he doesn’t buy it.

"This person was going to possibly be exporting them to Mexico," said Luna.
So Katie and Sergeant Rudy Luna, what happened to your assertion yesterday that:
"Police told Action 4 News to buy these items a person has to have a special license and the man in possession of these items did not."
Oh, so now the well fed Sergeant Rudy Luna states they should be and no one needs this? Tell us Sergeant Rudy Luna, just where in the Constitution does it say our servants get to tell the citizen what he needs or doesn't need? Or you Katie, asking someone who does not speak a word of English (though you have the text on your site transcribed instead of in Spanish as in the video) which creates doubt as to his citizenship, why his opinion matters? You see Katie, that man, is seemingly Mexican and everyone knows in Mexico, you cannot own a gun without government approval which makes it damnably easy for them to control and dictate to its subjects what THEIR needs are.

Continue to try to justify your well fed existence Sergeant Rudy Luna and keep promoting the War On Some Drugs- however, we know what you spout, "Only One", is a lie. Are you really happy wiping your well fed ass with the Constitution and Bill of Rights?


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