11 January, 2011

Ashley Turton, former Hill aide, dead in burning car

Ashley Turton, former Hill aide, dead in burning car
By Paul Duggan, Anne Kornblut and Theola Labbé-DeBose

The wife of a key White House aide was found dead early Monday in a sport-utility vehicle that was heavily damaged by fire in the garage of the couple's Capitol Hill home, sources familiar with the incident said. The cause of her death is uncertain.

Ashley W. Turton, 37, an energy company lobbyist and former chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.), was found dead shortly before 5 a.m. in a burning BMW, the back end of which was partly out of the garage, as if the vehicle had been entering or leaving when the fire started, authorities said.
A source familiar with the incident, speaking on the condition of anonymity because it is still under investigation, said the SUV was "about seven-eighths of the way" into the garage and was stopped "at a weird angle." He said the vehicle was heavily damaged by fire, but said he could not discuss the condition of the body.
A curious death.



I was checking the logs and found a search that was done with the following:

ashley turton federal reserve

Being the curious man I am, I decided to look a bit and found the following at the economicpolicyjournal:
The rumors are swirling big time in D.C. Here's what one anonymous commenter wrote at my earlier post:
Now this gets interesting, because Rosa DeLauro owned the house in which Rahm Emanuel lived rent-free during House sessions for five years. Word from DC is that the place was wired for audio and video. Ashley Turton, as DeLauro's chief of staff, probably wrote the checks to pay bills on that condo and would be privy to "extra" expenses.
So Israeli Rahm, not wasting the Arizona crisis?

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