11 January, 2011

The Second Amendment: Our Nation's Foundation

The Second Amendment: Our Nation's Foundation

Posted 2011-01-10 17:41
by Karl Denninger
in Liberty

We give consent through a process known as elections. Those who argue that the fact that an election didn't have the outcome they wanted means they have right to take up arms are not only incorrect, they're delusional and, it can be argued, have violated Federal Law besides.

Representative Republics, of which The United States is, are formed on the premise that the people elect persons to represent and discharge their wishes in the various organs of government. That we continue to send people to Congress and The White House who fail to discharge our demands in the form and fashion we desire is no fault but ours.

There are, in fact, candidates besides Democrats and Republicans on the ballot. In most states you can also write in a candidate. That you believe no candidate other than a "D" or "R" can win does not make it so. It simply means that you, along with your other countrymen and women, are willing to vote for and elect the person who holds the office, irrespective of the fact that they did not do as you directed, or as they promised.

In short, you are free, as a citizen, to be a masochist. We are, in fact today, a nation of masochists.
The above four paragraphs are from the middle of the article and all of it is well worth the read- but I do not agree with all of it.

Denninger states that the only time the 2nd Amendment is valid against the government is when those who loose an election refuse to leave. This is but one and I think there are others and Denninger actually lists one that I think is the most important reason- can you, the reader, think of others?


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