17 April, 2009

Veterans a Focus of FBI Extremist Probe


WASHINGTON -- The Federal Bureau of Investigation earlier this year launched a nationwide operation targeting white supremacists and "militia/sovereign-citizen extremist groups," including a focus on veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, according to memos sent from bureau headquarters to field offices.

The initiative, dubbed Operation Vigilant Eagle, was outlined in February, two months before a memo giving a similar warning was issued on April 7 by the Department of Homeland Security.

Disclosure of the DHS memo this week has sparked controversy among some conservatives and veterans groups. Appearing on television talk shows Thursday, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano defended the assessment, but apologized to veterans who saw it as an accusation.

"This is an assessment of things just to be wary of, not to infringe on constitutional rights, certainly not to malign our veterans," she said on NBC's Today Show.

The documents outlining Operation Vigilant Eagle cite a surge in activity by such groups. The memos say the FBI's focus on veterans began as far back as December, during the final weeks of the Bush administration, when the bureau's domestic counterterrorism division formed a special joint working group with the Defense Department.
Since December- the Muslim Kenyan's transition team in place, our, oh so trustworthy internal SS the FBI, certain cliques in the DOD, yes and then came Janet2.

The thing is, the planning has been in place for much longer, the placing of traitorous mindsets in the right offices, the relentless self-hatred being taught to generations, the test cases such as Ruby Ridge and Waco, the Patriot Acts, the near complete erosion of the Constitution and Bill of rights, but one thing scares them. The 2nd and the accumulated weapons in the hands of we citizens- JUST as our Founding Fathers intended.

Keep your powder dry.


For those that think this is just alarmist, I want to remind you EXACTLY how we are being portrayed and suggest you go here and look at the images placed with these articles.

This is not by chance, not happenstance, nor an error by some misguided intern- it is pure EVIL propaganda by those who really do want to see us burn as I wondered aloud in my post about Todd Bensman and his fellow Propagandist Foot Soldiers.


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