14 April, 2009

I was asked about Platt & Matix Day.

I was recently asked about why I posted Happy Platt & Matix Day since they were criminals, murderous thugs and "not one of us". My response to that person was easy and I will repeat it here.

No, they were not one of us and they were criminals & murderous thugs- who handed an organization that, we were taught was just the opposite, but in actuality were no better than those that gunned it's agents down.

You ask for proof and this blog and many others have multiples listed, but here are three:
  1. FBI to Congress: Murder, Wrongful Imprisonment May Be Necessary to Preserve Drug Investigations
  2. Law Enforcement: FBI Lowers Bar on Past Marijuana Use by Would-Be Agents
  3. COINTELPRO prosecution of Black Panthers haunts Nebraska justice system while policeman's killers go free
Now each of these crimes by the agency were NOT committed by the agents killed, nor am I asserting that any of the agents killed were criminals- they just worked for an agency that was criminal quite often. Just as our Feral Government has become, and that one time- Agents of the State had their asses handed to them on a platter.

Our nation is getting very close, and this is not just my opinion, to breaking apart, descending, in many sections of it, to outright war. Our so-called leaders rally around a Wetback who, though no proof exists, has had his Wetback Aunt left in our nation; scott free to continue to steal from our citizens. Has he been the only one (no I do not consider him a man) who has defiled the office with his occupancy? No he is not, however he is the lowest as he is not an American. Too many of the former Republic's "citizenry" seem to have no problem with this or other crimes committed by it's agents in our names.

I do.

Go and do your own research, I have provided plenty of links- so do other blogs and sites and then make up your own mind. I have tired of being lied to and having had my citizenship denigrated and sullied all in the name of what? Certainly not what the men of my family fought and some even died for, nor what our Founding Fathers bequeathed us.

So, the next time any agent of the former Republic who, by continuing to serve and have served criminal agencies and their feral masters, fall, remember Platt & Matix and what the lessons learned teach- they are not demigods, nor super-heroes, or even that much slicker than the next man, because they are simply men too.


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