03 April, 2009

Jiverly Voong = Revolving Joy

A friend down in the RGV sent this link which says the murder's name is Jiverly Voong and then also says it is an alias:
Gunman Identified As Jiverly Voong, 42, Of Johnson City
Voong Recently Let Go From Job At IBM

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (CBS) ― Related Slideshows
A gunman opened fire at an immigration services center in downtown Binghamton on Friday, killing 13 others before taking his own life, in what's being described as a "classic spree killing," according to CBS News correspondent Bob Orr.

A law enforcement official says the gunman died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Authorities say the rampage began when the gunman barricaded the rear door of the American Civic Association building with his car before entering through the front door, firing his weapon, the official said.

Orr said a senior law enforcement official told him after entering the front of the building, the gunman shot the receptionist in head and killed two others at front desk.

The official then said the gunman went to the southwest corner of the building where citizenship tests were being taken. There he shot 11 people and then killed himself. Others in the building hid and barricaded themselves before SWAT teams swept through the building.

The official said the gunman, who was also carrying a bag with two guns -- a 9 mm with an extended clip, and a .45 mm, never took any hostages. He was also carrying a bag that had survival gear, extra ammunition and a hunting knife.

The dead gunman was carrying identification with the name Jiverly Voong, age 42, from upstate New York, reports CBS News correspondent Bob Orr. He apparently acted alone although investigators are still questioning a number of people who were inside. The motive is not known.

The name is an alias that the man has used in the past, said the official, who was not authorized to speak publicly and was talking on condition of anonymity.
He also told me that the name seemed off and that he ran it through an anagram site and the first out of six is "Revolving Joy".

There is a whole lot that can be read into that but I think it best right now to just wait and get more facts.



It seems that Jiverly Voong may be his name and the alias is Linh Phat Voong.


I am hearing that he was Vietnamese and some of the victims were too.
Earlier today police called Broome Community College to find someone who could speak fluent Vietnamese to "assist police with translation," said college spokesman Richard David.

Jiverly Wong?

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