20 April, 2009

Denton County Sheriff's Dept Owns a LENCO BEAR

Since the photos are fully copyrighted, I can only post a link or two to the proof, but here is a video for you to see exactly what type of attitude our friendly Denton County Sheriff and Deputies, have at their disposal, to intimidate- I mean greet us Texans.

You can find more information about the LENCO BEAR here and from the maw of the BEAR you can read all the specs that they deem viewable by we the taxpayer.

A thank you to Mr. Sharkey for the heads up.



I just read this over at WarOnGuns:
Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia wants to spend about $7 million in federal stimulus money to lease and staff a helicopter, buy a covert surveillance van and add machine guns to boats that patrol the Houston Ship Channel.

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