16 April, 2009

Gunrunning sting nets 2

By Todd Bensman - Express-News

Two Mexican nationals accused of conspiring to export $2 million in firearms and ammunition to Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, are in custody after a sting in El Paso.

Undercover federal agents posing as arms merchants nabbed the two men Saturday, wrapping up a rare five-month sting featuring real weapons as props and a wired warehouse.

In the end, the deal was drastically pared down on grounds that last month's deployment of Mexican infantry to stop the mayhem in Juárez made smuggling the load momentarily too risky, authorities said.

The sting, by a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement task force in El Paso, may be a sign of more such efforts as federal authorities start a major crackdown on the smuggling of U.S. guns to drug cartels.

“We have a number of complex, ongoing investigations,” said Marcie Forman, director of the agency's office of investigations.

The arrests of Guadalajara residents Gabriel Gonzalez and Osvaldo Tostado come as the U.S. and Mexico intensify efforts to cut off smuggling.
Osvaldo Tostado? More propaganda:
Authorities said the deal originally involved 300 AR-15 or AR-16 assault-style rifles and 10 Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifles, all available in U.S. gun stores to adult U.S. citizens who pass an FBI background check.

It also involved a few military weapons not sold in stores, court records say, including two grenade-launching machine guns and illegal silencers for 20 handguns.

The investigation got under way in December, when a Mexican man known only as “R” asked undercover El Paso police narcotics officers for assault weapons they could smuggle into Juárez, an affidavit said.

The Police Department called in ICE's El Paso-based Border Enforcement Security Team, one of several multiagency task forces along the border that investigate large drug organizations.

The affidavit says a meeting was set up between two men and two undercover agents posing as arms merchants in Las Cruces, N.M..

The two men produced a shopping list of $2 million worth of firearms and ammunition, the affidavit said. The next month, it said, the two men delivered a down payment of $148,045 in a green duffel bag.
You have to remember, that the San Antonio Expressed Ooze was Rupert Murdoch's first purchase in the united States back in 1973 and has expressed a very anti-freedom victim disarmament attitude since. It is a mouthpiece for those who wish to see we Citizens become serfs.

Now, with that said, let us first take a look at this once again- Osvaldo Tostado. Never, ever have I heard the last name of TOSTADO, however I did a search via Google, and sure enough it is a last name (and to think all along I just knew it as a part of a Mexican dish or as a meal- 3 or 4 of them anyway).

OK, so that one is blown, however, this piece of propaganda shows either the stupidity of the editors but more than likely their agenda:

"...300 AR-15 or AR-16 assault-style rifles and 10 Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifles all available in U.S. gun stores to adult U.S. citizens who pass an FBI background check."

Once more, and AR-15 is NOT an Assault Rifle and the term itself is really not descriptive and the attempt to equate it with the M16 rifle, which is select-fire is blatant propaganda.

The Barret .50 caliber rifle is just a rifle and I no matter what so many clueless web pages tell you, just because you add a scope to a rifle, does NOT make it a "sniper rifle". It is the same type of propaganda as the terms Assault Rifle, EBR, or PIYPATSOT's.

Moreover, with all of the lies as of late, oh say like 90%, just exactly how much credence are you actually going to put into this report and it's timing. A feral government sting, two Mexican Nationals, and both governments, one feral & one failed- both with an agenda and both of them saying:

Who you gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes!?!


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