11 October, 2004

Things I wanted to post this weekend and did not.

By now, most have heard about the FBI seizing Indymedia's servers. I read about it late Thursday evening and one of the best articles on it was Friday at the Register.

Also read on Friday, was this article:
"Attorney General Bill Lockyer will push for a state law requiring handgun ammunition sold in California to carry a microscopic code that would allow law enforcement to trace bullets back to the buyer."
Oh yes, this will really work- NOT!

In addition, here is the latest victim in our War on Some Drugs- Brian Cara, Police Chief Brian Cara. However, before you get your feathers all a ruffled, he was stealing, I mean smoking the evidence.

Lastly, is this article Representative, Ron Paul, M.D., writes about HR 10.

What came to mind when I read this was a line in a movie starring Kurt Russell:

"May the wings of Liberty never lose a feather."

However, there is only one problem, she has not lost just one feather, those bastards in the swamp are boiling the whole bird...


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