05 October, 2004

Found this post over at Kim du Toit's Blog

Kim is speaking about Arnold and his pathetic signing of the .50 Caliber ban in Kalifornia, but it was a number of the postings in the comment section that bothered me, particularly Staff Martin's and Allen's.

I intended to post the following, but he has gone back to requiring registration to post. His piece of the web, his rules, and since I have no desire to register, I am posting my comments here:

The NRA has supported every bit of piecemeal legislation against the 2nd that has come down the pike since it's inception. (Oh, and you forgot to mention the 1934NFA.)

I will certainly be quite happy when Kayne Robinson is gone, but I do not think that Neal will be able to do what he did before.

In Kalifornia, you have people like Mike Haas (see this page and it's sidebar) screwing things up as well.

The NRA BoD is being stripped of anyone who has and would stand up and fight (like Jim Nicholson) for celebrity no-shows (even Nugent talks a good game, but does nothing really to stand up against the Winning Team).

The NRA may be the biggest boy on the block, but other RKBA organizations have their place and stand much firmer. Organizations such as JPFO, GOA and the Fifty-Caliber Association.

Yes, the NRA does scare the thieving POS in the swamp, but it has really seemed for many years that it is all about the money. The others such as JPFO scare the NRA.

Whose Paranoid
NRA Life Member
Five years spent busting my butt for them as a volunteer.

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