08 October, 2004

Screw both Henry Waxman and the Russians!

I found this asinine article via GunNewsDaily:
Congressman Henry Waxman calls for action over problems with criminals using fake gun dealer license
10/07/2004 11:07

Rep. Waxman, has thrown the gauntlet at the Department of Treasury and to the Department of Justice to 'clean it up'

"The GAO, using a computer and off the shelf software was able to completely create a very plausible, but fake, Gun Dealers License. With a fake license, a person can literally get any number of weapons - to include the 50 caliber BMG Sniper rifle.

The GAO has also demonstrated the Americas NCIS - the criminal background check, is also flawed and criminals are bypassing the system to create a gun trafficking enterprise in the US. It should be noted that the National Rifle Association has protested the background checks claiming discrimination of gun purchasers and it appears they might be working actively to undermine all gun control laws.

Representative Waxman has repeatedly calling on John Ashcroft to look into the matter of .50 Sniper Rifles being available to persons under the age of 18.

American's have been willing to pay the price, in civil liberties, to help protect America from terrorist attacks by supporting acts and laws written by the Bush administration. However, when it comes to internal terrorism, Bush has gone soft by enabling more and more liberalized gun laws.

One clear example is Tromix which markets a .50 caliber weapon in the US that they boasted, in their advertising, will pierce the windshield of a Douglas DC-9. This comes from an investigation conducted by Congressman Waxman's office.

Apparently the Department of Justice is turning a blind eye to it all. Bush states he is tough on terrorism, but his actions contradict his words.

The GAO, in their under cover investigation, using simple software, created false birth certificates and driver's licenses - they then purchased firearms in Virginia, West Virginia, Montana, New Mexico and Arizona. When the undercover agents went into the stores to purchase firearms, the NCIS background check - even though the id's, the names on the id's and the addresses on the id's were completely bogus, the NCIS gave the OK to purchase.

Another under cover investigation found that the armor piercing military rounds for the .50 rifle are being sold on the civilian market. The rounds, designed to pierce tank armor and causing lethality, are not something that should be available to civilians, but instead are being marketed. So far the US military has not come up with an explanation - nor will they."
So they created a fake FFL, but did they purchase anything with it? I rather doubt it as a distributor or an FFL will check with the F-Troop before sending merchandise along the way for resale.

In addition, anyone who has spent time price-shopping for .50 caliber rifles, knows good and well that to get one of these is going to be at a minimum of $3500.00 (rifle, scope, ammunition, finding a place to shoot and it's range fees) Federal Reserve Notes (commonly called dollars), so his call to investigate 18 year old kids purchases is a load of bs.

Further, the military does not need to come up with an explanation as the purchase of .50 caliber ammunition is legal- nor is it cheap either. However, as to their claims of AP ammunition, I provided the Google link, you go find it, as I could not.

Historically, the Russians have always preferred a yoke about their necks, and Henry Waxman- well what can one say about him beyond, that I am sure he was the kid everyone picked on in school.

I do have these suggestions though:

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