20 July, 2011


WSRA posted two links that are well worth reading; the first here and the second here.

The reason I am linking to this is simple. Yesterday, I was down along the Rio and when heading back north late in the afternoon, I was listening to the local talk radio afternoon host who is a retired Army Colonel. Though I have heard his stupidity before (he sounds like a real socialist), I was startled to hear him call for the US to take Mexico and Canada and create the United States of North America. Moreover, he called for NATIONALIZING the police and called it the United States Police with the minor caveat of limited local oversight. He also called for breaking up Texas into five states and further, he called the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution nothing more than "TRADITIONS".

His publicly stated reasons is for efficiency- yes efficiency and the fact that our Founding Fathers could never have imagined the World as it is today. Things like planes, automatic weapons, nuclear bombs, telephones, the Internet... You know, things that men like Da Vinci dreamed of- and, of course, we know the Founding Fathers were a bunch of ignoramuses, unread and un-imaginative who had not the ability to think beyond their immediate desires.

If you do not think Agenda 21 and the goals of absolute control are not real just turn on some local radio- you might just be surprised too.


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