17 July, 2011

Phase 7 / FASE 7

Work has had me swamped for two weeks but work also provided the opportunity to see Phase 7 and it is flat out a darn good movie.

The movie starts out with a very simple, oblivious, young Argentinian couple who are doing their shopping- fully unaware of what is occurring in the World until they reach home and Coco, the "man" of the house takes a call from his mother on the land line. She had tried in vain to reach him on his mobile but was unable to and he tells her that it was "probably a dead battery" without any concern or worry (Fully Condition White). She directs him to the television and he and his wife quickly learn of the pandemic. A short time later, he receives a call to be in the lobby of their new apartment complex which has just been quarantined. This starts the journey for Coco, his wife Pipi, and the rest of the tenants locked in. Of course, nearly all of the characters in this movie have NO clue. NONE whatsoever, and even when taught, lessons are ignored, forgotten or both- just like the people in your life and just like in real life- death happens.

Now, I want you to watch the following two trailers and guess which one is trying to see it fail (yes fail).



I wonder why the American trailer really is not about the movie- but the slam of the music, I wonder...

This is NOT a zombie movie, this is NOT REC or the Hollywood remake QUARANTINE- but a study in survival. As such the timing is measured- not slow, measured.

You may read that this is a parody but that is not what I watched. What I watched is a film that speaks about what so many folks in the World know, but are scoffed at for stating- the full hatred of the masses, the manipulation that occurs daily and has occurred throughout history.

(Yes boys and girls, conspiracies DO happen- all the time, just ask the American government which charges people daily with it. Or, simply pick up history books that are not approved for the government propaganda camps known as public education. Oh, that is right, that is just, well- out there, isn't it?)

The end goal is the destruction of all men except for those that planned the pandemic and whom they select (Phase 7). Of course, there will be survivors- always survivors.

You can still see it in Austin by purchasing tickets via Bloody Disgusting or just using the link to see where it is playing (in other locales as well) and buy direct from the theater near you.

This film deserves better and hopefully it will receive the recognition it deserves- it has earned it.

I will be purchasing a copy when it hits the DVD shelves.


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