21 September, 2010

Sixteen Illegal Indians Today

Today, September 21, 2010, sixteen illegal Sub-Continent Indians were released by ICE- captured by Border Patrol about twenty (20) days ago. Immediately at arraignment, a lawyer produced bond for everyone of them- each already highly coached on the correct answers that gets them bonded and released. They were held for twenty days (20), bonded and then released under their own recognizance. Why you ask? The Muslim Kenyan wants it so and says they are SUPPOSEDLY NO THREAT!

How many will actually show up for court hearing? Damn good question! I bet if we ask the Wetback Aunt Zeituni, she will say it does not matter because, "If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen."

Just remember folks, these are your stolen monies that are used against you to destroy the Republic. Expanded Border Patrol? BULLSHIT! Woefully undermanned and now the order comes down to cut overtime pay fifteen (15%) percent! Cut costs by sending out one vehicle staffed by two agents! Cut the amounts of ammo provided for practice and jail your agents when they do their jobs! If you do not send them to jail, then demoralize them by releasing those caught and told not to go after them as they really are good people and who we wants as citizens! What a really great way to make sure the border is secure you lying Muslim Kenyan and every one you Rat-Bastards, such as Nancy "Bring-Em In" Pelosi, Harry "DREAM ACT" Reid, Janet Napolitaco, Juan McAmnesty, Lindsay Grahmnesty! Everyone of you elitist Sons of Bitches who care not one whit- as it really is just a piece of paper, right GW!?!

Illegals are only one aspect as they come for the gravy train of benefits, not just for them, but the industries that are built around supporting and to expand all of this crap. END these programs, such as welfare, food stamps, "Free" Emergency Room Care, Education- both K-12 & In-State College Tuition, WIC- ALL OF THE SOCIALIST THEFT NOW! None of it is Constitutional, NONE! Farm Subsidies, College Loans, Pell Grants! The list goes on an on!



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