14 September, 2010

UPDATE: Mexican Gunmen Fire at Border Patrol Agent

Agents shot into Mexico in self-defense, Border Patrol says
September 13, 2010 8:18 PM
Ana Ley
The Monitor

MISSION — U.S. Border Patrol agents who were fired on by attackers in Mexico over the weekend shot back across the border because they felt their lives were in danger, a spokeswoman said Monday.

Unknown attackers shot at the agents Saturday morning as they seized half a ton of marijuana along the Rio Grande, Border Patrol spokeswoman Rosie Huey said.

Federal officials said the shots from Mexico began when a truck that was being chased by another group of Border Patrol agents entered the area on the U.S. side.

Now, the story reports that there were no reports of injury as of Monday evening- but that was Monday and the actual score is:

Border Patrol - 1/Drug Smuggling Mexicans - 0

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There was a quick bolt across the bend and the three "captains" all opened up in return fire. The smart money is on .556/.223 to have been the round(s) that dropped him.


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