13 March, 2009

Two Posts Elsewhere

I have been seriously pissed since Wednesday after this and that post.

I busted tail yesterday to burn the anger out of me, but did not find myself wanting to post anything serious yesterday so I decided to upgraded (which I have been putting off for the past few months). Not a major mistake and should have put more planning into it. I am going to migrate to something other than blogger and host it on the domain soon (as was the original plan anyway). Everything is NOT fully up to speed here the way I want it, but it is progressing nicely- just want WAY more control than what Blogger is allowing right now.

Nevertheless, I hit David's blog just now and read the following two posts and the links in them and am more pissed than I was Wednesday night.

Here we have David's post about Justice23's reply, off the cuff or not, about being full of desire to confiscate CITIZENS firearms- you know, the ones who pay his salary. Hit the image in the link to see his statement and then go read the thread that is linked there at AR15.com and then go back and read this post again.

The second is again on David's site and instead of linking directly to the article he linked to, I am LINKING to his post as the second link in it is right on target. The article he linked to is over at the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog, and discusses Alex Jones's interview with Lt. Col. Scott Wile, the Director of Public Safety and Provost Marshall at Ft. Rucker, Alabama regarding their disregard of the Posse Comitatus Act which I questioned here and was the first news article Wednesday night to just PISS ME OFF.

After reading both I am pissed once more and once again, I have no real desire to post anything more right now- may later today, but not right now.


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