23 March, 2009

Gun Rights Examiners Launch Website

David Codrea says:
While we're waiting for the official Examiner.com site to stop producing error messages, I want to introduce you to a site you can go to that will give you "one-stop shopping" for all Gun Rights Examiner commentary--mine as well as the folks handling a dozen cities nationwide.

Check out (and bookmark) www.gunrightsexaminers.com. It's the creation of Cleveland GRE Daniel White, and I'm very grateful that he took the time, made the effort and showed the leadership to do this. It's especially been a pain because Examiner urls are long and convoluted--so this give us a common link we can use to better publicize our work.
Now a simple one stop shop- just like Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms is supposed to be!

Oh, and while there, check out the latest entries at the Howard Nemerov's Austin GRE & John Pierce's Minneapolis GRE- which is the 3rd in a series (parts 1 and 2) covering frequently heard Gun Myths.


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