09 March, 2009

Another Shooting in Reynosa.

That South Texas Grackle sent me another worth mentioning- another shooting in Reynosa which appears to be:
"...the fourth chase and shootout along Boulevard Morelos in about four weeks time."
The article starts off by saying:
"Four Reynosa teenagers are fighting for their lives after being caught in the crossfire of a shootout between federal police and alleged criminals.

Mexican media outlets are reporting that a chase between a Ford Expedition and federal police started in the Colonia Narciso Mendoza early Sunday morning."
It is posted by KGBT4, a Harlingen, Texas television station and using the term drugs nets you these results, and Reynosa, the following.

This may seem like nothing to many, but it is another in a long list of what has been previously discussed here and many other places- except for most mainstream news outlets in the Republic of these united States.

Take heed.


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