15 June, 2007

Nothing like starting the day out right

Hmm, lets see:

1. Illegal, Eligio Chia-Duran, molests and paralyzes eight month old last Christmas Eve, - lawyers want evidence tossed because of 1963 Vienna Treaty. Judge says no.

2. Panties are in a wad because a newly appointed Kansas City Parks Board member, seventy-three year old Frances Semler, is a member of The Minutemen Project. Rabid anti-Americans demand her ouster. Mayor says no- so far.

3. The Anti-American asswipes in the uS Senate are working towards, again, to give this nation to Mexico, even though nearly all of the nation has said no.

4. Over in the once great Britain, Charles, Prince of Wales, has commissioned a work, entitled the BEAUTIFUL NAMES, glorifying the raghead god allah- and the place it will make it's debut is none other than Westminster Cathedral. Catholics are outraged- and of course ignored.

5. Bush and his minions are thoroughly pissed about a new bill in congress that works towards protecting free speech on the internet- including bloggers. And of course, the Bush line is that the onus of proving that posting would be or are free speech is upon the individual- not the feral government as the constitution stipulates.

Nothing like an acid build-up first thing in the morning, is there...


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