19 June, 2007

More on Cohen & Grigsby

The title link was found in my stats tonight, so I decided to follow it around a bit and in doing so I stumbled upon the following six links that may be of interest (make sure you scroll to the bottom of each one and read them thoroughly):

1. The COHEN PAC 2006 Monies

2. The COHEN PAC 2004 Monies

3. The COHEN PAC 2002 Monies

4. The COHEN PAC 2000 Monies

5. Cohen & Grigsby Lawyers listed By Title

6. Cohen & Grigsby senior "immigration" associate lawyer - Alexander R. Castrodale Oh, and he is the only SENIOR ASSOCIATE listed- if that means anything to you (I am sure it does to the forty-one NOT senior associates), but it seems as if it should considering that he has been an "immigration" lawyer since he first started to practice.

All kinds of useful information can be found when checking the stats and also willing to look around so, go have some fun!


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