14 June, 2007

Your numbers are off Bloomberg & Schwarzenegger

"Together, the mayors pledged to enlist their 250 million constituents in the fight against global warming."

At best, asswipe Bloomberg, your constituency is around 8.2 million, and asswipe Schwarzenegger, your state population is roughly 36½ million. Moreover, what is questionable about these numbers is just how many wetbacks from all the different countries from around the world help bolster those numbers and make them false as well. Neither of you are deserving, IMO, of the positions that your constituencies elected you to, but that does not matter, as I am not one of them, and 87.3 percent of the nation is not as well (New Joke City 8.2 + Commie/Mexi-fornia 36.5 = 44.7 million or 14.9% of US 300 million [article postulated 250 million]. Estimating that 5.5 of the Commie/Mexi-fornia population and 1 million for New Joke City are illegals for a total of 6.5 million [deducting the 14.9% for both city and state] = leaves a combined constituency of roughly 12.7% of US Population.)

Asswipe Bloomberg, you are an unindicted and yet convicted RICO felon for your so called gun stings which were IN FACT straw-man purchases and asswipe Schwarzenegger you are nothing more than a sellout trying to pervert this nation- for both of you, jail is too good, but that is just my opinion.


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