25 June, 2007

More on Cohen & Grigsby 3

The paragraph below is from the San Francisco Gate:

Video raises concern about firms' H-1B abuses
2 lawmakers urge labor secretary to probe 'blatant disregard for American workers'

Tom Abate, Chronicle Staff Writer
Friday, June 22, 2007

Hoffman sought to turn the video -- created by an H-1B opponent -- to his advantage. He said it proved the need to pass the Senate immigration reform legislation that, among many other things, gives Silicon Valley more H-1B workers while beefing up rules to make sure that U.S. workers are not displaced.

"The anti-fraud provisions in the Senate bill go right to the heart of what this video is about,'' Hoffman said.
This, of course is spin (actually bullshit as it is known in the English language) and some would admire his tenacity in being able to hold a straight face saying such, but I do not, nevertheless, one thing he IS correct about is that is about wetbacks from every nation wanting the jobs that Americans will do. Spend some time reading the want ads, Craiglist, and many other sources for employment for programming jobs to see for yourself, but most of you already know this as you may know many folks in the tech field. However, this is NOT just about tech jobs, Cohen & Grigsby did these united States a favor when they put the video as this is about all jobs here.

I think every employer should be able to hire and fire whomever he chooses and with that said, I also firmly think his first duty is to his local community, then his state, and then his country as, in that order, is where he made his money and if he wants to continue to enjoy the benefits of his community, and particularly this nation that made it possible for him to do so, then Nobleese Oblige is due- not the spittle that most corporations provide today (and the lawyers that help them do so).


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