17 June, 2007

Ed and Elaine Brown

Ed and Elaine Brown are the current sixty-four (64) year old couple that the feds say live in a fortified compound- at least that is what the ferals are calling it and their PR Machine, the MSM (which did the exact same thing at Ruby Ridge & Waco).

However, I want you to look at this couple:

A real scary couple, aren't they? I do not think so and I doubt you do as well, but the ferals do, but then again, they think anyone is scary who stands up and questions or has the audacity to simply say NO.

For those that do not know who they are, Ed and Elaine Brown are a couple who have been charged with tax evasion. The Browns asked to be shown what law stipulates that they pay taxes, and have stated they WILL pay such, if the law will be shown to them. Nevertheless, this is not what the ferals want- nor can they do. What they want is the Brown's beaten and imprisoned so as to install fear and control over the rest of we citizens.

There are a number of great sites and blogs that detail this travesty and here are a few:
Alex Jones Prison Planet/GCN Network will be live with the Brown's Press Conference tomorrow and Randy Weaver will be there in the capacity of a freelance reporter.

Go spend the time to read up on this and if possible catch the press conference tomorrow live.


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