29 December, 2006

Head Janitor Kestryll

I call a spade a spade, and it was not the first time either, but then again I was the only one who stated that he thinks Mike Hass is an idiot. Moreover, I provided proof (scroll to the bottom and read the last sentence in the sidebar) in my comment and my post from two years ago, whereas we just have heard that what David said was just so terrible from you (your playground your rules). However, we do have Mike Hass' own statements at your playground in post number three (3)- allow me to quote (I highlighted just three examples of what you decry, Head Janitor Kestryll, in Mike Hass' post):
Codrea is one of the most anti-NRA entities one can encounter. He was one of the failed, venom-spouting KABA group who attacked NRA at every turn, even CA NRA volunteers, in their ourageous attempts to attain some kind of relevance among credible gun activists in the Golden State and nationally.

Earlier this century, not long after Bush was first elected and Ashcroft had barely taken office, these nits tried to fundraise with a "national online petition" attacking Ashcroft! See:
(I bet they think this stuff is long gone)
They tried to blowup a non-existant issue and truly pathetic petition "numbers" into sounding significant, pretending that such non-official efforts (not registered with any Secretary of State anywhere) are influential, while collecting personal-contact-information. (It's illegal to keep the personal info one gathers with a real, official, registered petition.)

Codrea doesn't have CLOSE to the kind of talent one needs to effectively interpret and understand gun politics and God knows, he'll never effect them.

Unless it's to DAMAGE gun rights irrepairably - which he and his cohorts almost did - at the Supreme Court. Extremely misguided and confrontational with anyone that voiced support for NRA, KABA was the most vocal public voice supporting the disasterous "Silveira" lawsuit - a real turkey of a CA "AW" suit that had done nothing but lost everytime it came before a judge (the defendant was far from an ideal gun-owner). But these idiots kept appealing it - all the way, against the advice of every esteemed firearm legal authority you can name. Yep, had the SCOTUS actually heard the stupid thing, it would have decimated the Second Amendment. At least that was the view keld by Kates, Halbrook, Michel and other noted 2A attorneys and constitutional experts, most of who published articles that described Silveira accurately and technically as the high threat to the Second Amendment it was.

[CORRECTION: On a bit of research, I believe I remembered this incorrectly and Codrea didn't propose the following idea, but Brian Puckett, another member of the KABA KLAN] once recommended to CA gun-owners that they just ignore CA's assault weapon laws! Yep, just dare the CA DOJ to prosecute. Now, THERE's a real political chess-player, eh? (Remember, these guys critisized NRA every step of the way!) See

If you ask me, Codrea and his ilk should do less talking and more listening. He could learn a lot from the members of this forum about how to be effective. Rule 1: Learn how to play well with others - LIKE THOSE ON YOUR OWN SIDE.

Now, I am not trying to start a flame war, a pissing contest, or any such brouhaha, it is just this Head Janitor Kestryll, if you are going to say that David's supporters (note plural) specifically call someone an idiot, please be specific, as I am the one- and I stand by my opinion.


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