19 December, 2006

CAIR shuts down RightWingHowler

Inside Politics
By Greg Pierce
December 19, 2006

CAIR stifles blogger

The Tampa, Fla., office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Tampa) has claimed credit for shutting down a conservative blogger who cited a fellow blogger's satirical column suggesting "killing all the Arab children is a workable solution to spare our own children."

CAIR persuaded Florida-based Hostgator.com Internet-service provider to shut down RightWingHowler.com, a conservative blog created by Vilmar Tavares, a retired Air Force officer who lives in Spring Hill, Fla.

Mr. Tavares had quoted blogger Frank J. Fleming's Nov. 28 satire column entitled "The Only Way to Ensure that Our Children Don't Have to Fight Terrorism Is to Kill All the Arab Children." That column at www.imao.us ended with Mr. Fleming's admission that he "is trying to write extreme opinions to generate controversy to promote his new book 'The Chronicles of Dubya Volume 1: The Defeat of Saddam.'"

CAIR was not amused.

"We commend Hostgator.com for doing the right thing by refusing to associate with those who spew anti-Muslim bigotry and support calls to violence," said CAIR-Tampa Executive Director Ahmed Bedier. "We believe hate-filled rhetoric is a major contributing factor to bias crimes and prejudice."
So, Ahmed Bedier has his rags in a knot? How about you tell your fellow Mohammedans to quit saying the President of the US and Jews eat babies? Oh, that is right, that is not Muslim satire, it really is the opinion of MANY raghead Mohammadans.

Well, in as plan-spoken American English as I can muster, Fuck You CAIR!

Oh, and someone please pass the baby-sauce...


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