07 December, 2006

Sixty-Five Years Ago Today

When I was a boy, my Father told me how the slant-eyed, little yellow devil bastards performed a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, except Roosevelt knew and let his people die. My Father did what so many other men and boys did then, but it took him nine months to convince the old doctor signing off to allow him to enlist due to a heart murmur. The doctor finally relented and told him that he would not last a year, however the Old-Man went on to spend twenty-five years in- fighting in two wars (along with a few other fights), and traveling the World. He installed in we boys many things, a great sense of pride in our citizenship, an understanding of duty and honor, and at a very early age, that Roosevelt was a lying bastard hell bent on getting the US into war, and he despised him. Not just for lying about the war, but many, many other things.

However, this post is not for those things, it is for remembering 2,403 dead and the 16,354,000 that served during WWII.

Thank you.


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