20 December, 2006

And speaking of a pansy generation,

Who have been raised to "believe" that the government can do ANYTHING it wants:
gone.fishing writes to tell us that a new lawsuit is challenging the government's right to read your e-mail. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune is reporting that a seller of "natural male enhancement" products sued after a fraud indictment based on evidence gleaned from his electronic mail. Federal prosecutors say they don't need a search warrant to read your e-mail messages if those messages happen to be stored in someone else's computer."
And the first response:
by Marxist Hacker 42 (638312) * on Wednesday December 20, @02:47PM (#17316240)
(http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.us/ | Last Journal: Wednesday December 20, @02:32PM)
No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy in the Public Domain don't you understand?

Like it or not, the Internet was built by the Federal Government- and it very much is the public domain. Any message sent across it unencrypted is just as much fair game for prosecutuion as taking a picture of you mooning other cars on the freeway.
You can find more of his drivel here, there (scroll down to see his E-mail highlighted in yellow), and for his bright smiling face (WARNING ANYONYMOUSE LINK/MAY POP-UP UNSAFE WORK AD), but I must point out, and as I have said since I was fourteen, the Baby-Boomer Generation is the worst ever to come along, that is, until the ones after...


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