03 March, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: CBS to air 2nd Gunwalker piece tonight plus Grassley writes Holder again

Great news!
CBS News to air 2nd 'Project Gunwalker' segment and Grassley writes Holder again

But the agents who objected within their own agency were repeatedly rebuffed, they were told to keep their mouths shut, to stop complaining about it, in one case we have an internal email that describes a supervisor telling somebody 'If you don't like it you can go work for the Maricopa County Jail—if this isnt fun to you then you can go find something else to do.'
Spread the news far and wide as those elected need to understand that what they are finally doing is the right and proper thing. Do not let up and do not forget to call and thank them as such a simple thing goes a long way.


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