04 March, 2011

DOJ Web Search: Did U.S. agency smuggle guns to Mexico to justify its budget

First it was DHS spending lots of time here (more than a day), now it is the DOJ and they are ripping this blog.

For those that do not know what "Rippers" in the Browser type setting in the image, it is any number of different tools used to rip an exact copy of a site. I have seen it before (many times) and in fact the US Navy NNIC, on the West Coast, visited just yesterday, early in the morning, and the browser was Rippers then too, but they only spent about six minutes and their referral was from another blog that I link to and figured it was a bored Seaman and why I am not showing the screen grab.

Now, someone at DOJ is either shocked, dismayed, ignorant, or just plain- well, I won't be insulting since they actually used both Yahoo and Google using two different search terms, but, as I told DHS on February 9th, DOJ- go catch some criminals! You already have had David Codrea, Mike Vanderbough and CleanUpATF.org do much of the heavy lifting. But, if that is not enough, go ask Senator Grassley and CBS for their notes on the "Killer Management" of ATF.


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