01 November, 2004

While I was laid up, I watched a bit of TV.

One of the shows that I watched regularly, when I was awake, was Angel.

A friend of mine, years ago told me that I would enjoy it, but I did not have WB so I never watched it- that, and having the time. Nevertheless, it is on TNT now twice a day and I must say I did enjoy the show, and one of the most charming reasons to watch it is Charisma Carpenter!

What a knock out.

You can find more on here and there.

My friend was kind enough to loan me his DVD collection of the first three seasons while I was laid up, and if you get the opportunity to watch them, I think you just might enjoy it.

Oh, and Charisma was not the only down-right attractive woman on that show, there are many more...


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