02 November, 2004

"Respect My Authority" Part 2

Or Cartman kills a 20 Year Old: Part Two
(Oh, and No-Neck, read it very carefully.)
Montgomery Police Charge U.S. Marshal With Murder
Last Updated: 11/2/2004 11:19:00 AM

"Montgomery County police have charged an off-duty deputy U.S. marshal with murder in the shooting death of a motorist last week on Rockville Pike.

Detectives arrested 53-year-old Arthur Lloyd this morning at his home in the county.

According to police, Lloyd was engaged in a traffic altercation with 20-year-old Ryan Stowers on Thursday, when both motorists pulled into the parking lot of the Mid-Pike Plaza in Rockville and got out of their cars.

At some point during an argument, Lloyd pulled out a handgun and began firing at Stowers.

Authorities say they have spent the past several days interviewing more than 40 witnesses to determine whether Lloyd fired the shots while acting as a law enforcement officer and in self-defense."

Now, what we will probably see, is a major delay in Arthur Lloyd going to trail. Nevertheless, it is currently reported that he is being held without bond. Curiously, the Washington Post article says he has been charged with First Degree Murder, but every other article I have read says Second Degree...


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