21 November, 2004

No-Neck wants to know what it takes to offend someone.

I want to know what is wrong with Emory University:

Residents question rule on acts of intolerance

By Rachel Zelkowitz
Staff Writer
November 16, 2004

"After an individual scribbled the word "gay" on every dry-erase board on the first floor of Hopkins Residential Hall, police arrived on the scene, interviewed residents and snapped Polaroid pictures for about an hour.

Although Emory's code of conduct requires that police be called when an act of intolerance occurs, some students said the investigation was over the top."

Of course, it is policy at Emory to waste tax payer dollars anytime an act of intolreance occurs, which we all know is truly pressing police business.

Nevertheless, the acts of contrition at one Bowling Green High School beat Emory's stupidities:

Student's anger over Indian skit garners apology

By Courtney Craig, ccraig@bgdailynews.com -- 270-783-3243

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

"A Bowling Green High School student of American Indian heritage has received an apology from school officials after she was offended by a skit performed at a pep rally.

Sarah Berry, 16, a member of the Choctaw Nation, said a Sept. 24 pep rally at the school that included some Bowling Green High football players dressed as American Indians was offensive to her heritage. Sarah described the skit as a mock "violent slaughter" of the American Indians by students dressed as Purples, Bowling Green High's mascots.

The pep rally skit was performed in advance of the school's game against the Adair County Indians.

"It was pathetic," Berry said. "It was discriminatory and horrible."

According to Berry, the students dressed as American Indians were sitting around a fake campfire and passing around what she assumed was a peace pipe.

"Then other people came out screaming and hollering and pretended to beat them up," she said. " ... I was crying and wanted to go straight to the administration right then. I was hurt and angry."

To address her concerns, Sarah met Nov. 10 with Principal Gary Fields, who described the skit as the students dressed as Purples simply "scaring off" the students dressed as Indians. Both said there were no toy guns or other weapons involved in the skit."

Aww, she had her feelings hurt. Another one who thinks that she has a right to heap guilt upon others for her own benefit- cry me a tear darling, cry me a tear...


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