24 November, 2011

Rep. Don Young displays TRUE view of public

In this video, we get to see, unedited, what so many in the Swamp think of the public. This is not a Left/Right thing, it is what those elected to power actually see those of us in "fly-over" country as- property.

The hearing is not the point, Mr. Brinkley's presentation or contempt for those that do not have his "vaunted education" is not the point (liberal assholes are liberal assholes as is this CFR tool). What is the point is Representative Don Young's full and unhidden opinion of those that are before congress which is displayed in these two sentences:

"I'll call you anything I want to call you."


"You just be quiet and sit in that chair."

Old Man Young, your contempt for the Hoi pilloi is fully obvious and I have this to say to you and your cohorts (irrespective of party and elected position [feral, state, county or local]), a reckoning is coming to the fallen Republic- so many will suffer (people are and more will). Pieces of shit like you and your ilk are in for a very rude awakening when this happens but you are too blind to see and are only making things worse.


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